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TechSource has been creating entertaining and educational tech content on YouTube since August 2012. The channel includes content like tech reviews, PC gaming, smartphone coverage and a variety of interesting and engaging series.

The creator and host of TechSource is none other than Edgar Oganesyan – one of the top tech YouTubers on the platform. Edgar Oganesyan was born on April 8, 1988. According to astrology his zodiac sign is Aries. The founder of TechSource studied computer science at Los Angeles Valley College. Ed got married in 2018. The TechSource’s founder’s wife appears in some of his videos, for example, when he decided to bring back the series called “Cool Tech” where he reviews cool tech products. Ed TechSource loves to find any and every opportunity to engage with his subscribers and reward them in whatever way possible as he does for the people sharing the coolest tech on his Discord section, which ends up making it into the series.

The 3.34 million subscribers especially enjoy the “Setup Wars” series where they submit their awesome or unique setups for the world to see with over 200 episodes already under their belt. But the best “Setup Wars” are the worst ones where he ends up roasting them. The dude’s sense of humor isn’t bad. He’s kinda hilarious actually.

He collaborates with a number of different brands that help make things like the international season of “Setup Makeover” possible. Ed from TechSource decided to dedicate that season to Armenia because he is an Armenian and so he wanted to be able to give back helping those he can on whatever scale possible, which is the fundamental drive and reason of “Setup Makeover”. In a failed attempt to find a subscriber from Armenia, he decided to surprise his brother-in-law with an upgraded desk setup. The kid’s reaction? Well, long story short, he missed school for three days in order to wake up at 6AM and game until midnight. Pretty sure this says it all.

Unfortunately, the founder of TechSource Edgar Oganesyan got robbed in August of 2018. He posted a video a month later talking about what happened, why he hasn’t been posting and to sort of provide an explanation to the various brands he works with in a nutshell. A lot of the tech YouTuber’s possessions and valuable tech equipment were taken, but the worst part in all of this was when he admitted to being pretty sure about knowing the person behind the robbery. Yikes. The creator of TechSource said that unfortunately he does not have the facts to confront the person yet, and also reminded his viewers to never let their guard down even if they trust the person. Ouch.

Edgar Oganesyan also runs an online store that’s basically an Amazon Services LLC Associates Program participant. DealSource is an affiliate advertising program that’s most definitely worth checking out whether you’re a tech enthusiast or someone who’s merely looking for top-notch tech reviews and suggestions on high-quality tech products.

Follow the Armenian tech mogul for interesting, informative and engaging tech-related content. And maybe, you’ll get a chance to get Edgar Oganesyan himself to give you a custom desk makeover or upgrade.

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