Joey Bizinger, known to many on YouTube as The Anime Man because of his passion for Japanese culture and video games, is an Australian-Japanese Internet personality. The Anime Man is a great example of how someone can take their passions and turn them into a career. He has built up an audience that likes to see him talk about anime and manga in the style of vlogs. Joey’s early work was more focused on Lets plays but has since gravitated more towards the anime and otaku culture. In addition, Joey has over 3 million subscribers, which makes him one if not the most subscribed anime YouTuber.


The Anime Man’s full name is Joseph Tetsuro Bizinger. He was born on September 28th, 1994, in Australia but later moved to Japan, where he currently lives with his girlfriend Agnes Yulo Diego, known online as Akidearest. Just like Joey Akidearest is also an anime YouTuber who is quite popular among the community. The two of them have also collaborated several times to create videos together.


Even though he grew up in Australia, Joey was surrounded by Japanese culture. With a Japanese mother, Joey was raised in the culture. He grew up watching anime and listening to songs from Japan! From his earliest memories, Joey’s mother ensured that he retained a Japanese cultural identity. She spoke to him exclusively in Japanese and showed him all sorts of anime like Doraemon or Sazae san!


As a Japanese-Australian teenager, Joey often received questions from classmates about anime. He had grown up in an era when the medium of cartoons from Japan started becoming more popular with teenagers all around Australia and even internationally too!


During a school project to create a website, his love of anime led him into making one where he reviewed all his favorite anime shows. It turns out the reviews were even more popular than what he had thought, so Joey kept on with it even after the end of his assignment and continued posting reviews until university time came around for him at Sydney University! While studying at university, Joey started to make videos. He found that posting them on his website was not doing enough for him, so instead, he decided to switch over to YouTube where people could watch what he had created with ease and more conveniently than ever before!


After graduating from university with a degree in Computer Design Technology, Joey The Anime Man moved to Japan to find work as an information technology specialist. But by then, his YouTube channel exceeded expectations! It ended up being so successful that he was able to devote all of his time to it and turn it into his full-time job. 


In addition to his YouTube career, Joey has also done his fair share of voice acting in both video games and anime. In 2020, Joey started a podcast called Trash Taste with his two friends Garnt Maneetapho (Gigguk) and Connor Colquhoun (CDawgVA). 


Since then, the podcast has taken off. It’s engaging and entertaining for anyone who loves everything related to Japan and Japanese culture. The Trash Taste YouTube channel currently has over 1 million subscribers!

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