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If you want videos about anything cool and tech-related that are both interesting and entertaining, you should probably check out ThioJoe. Joe is the founder and host of the YouTube channel. He used to make funny tech tutorials and satire videos but has switched to real and honest tech videos since 2016.
Now, three times a week his subscribers get things like useful Top 10 lists, the latest product reviews, and discussions about the best tech.

Joe had a great childhood because his parents always supported his interest and needs. Having that support early on was one of the contributing factors to his wealth and success today. The creator of ThioJoe was a Bachelor of Science major with a Physics minor. But he never followed that path. Instead he started producing videos on YouTube. In the beginning Joe’s content centered around things like making fun of “life hack” videos. But gradually, ThioJoe YouTube channel became a space for tech enthusiasts like Joe himself. One of the best tech YouTubers put out his first video called “YouTube Gets 1080p Video – What’s Next?” back in February of 2009. Today his content varies from vlogs to tech discussions and unboxing videos. To this day, one of his most popular videos remains “Double Your Internet Speed for Free” – that video alone has over 16 million views.

The sarcastic face of ThioJoe is absolutely hilarious. And this is obvious from any one of his videos on the channel, however, there is a transitional one titled “Is My Channel Dead?” that pretty much sums it all up. The video was uploaded in January 2017 in response to the “concerned” folks out there. Did you see what I did there? I was being sarcastic like the master himself but I guess I failed since I felt the need to point out my sarcasm. Ugh. Okay. Moving on. So apparently people expressed their ungrounded opinions regarding the death or downfall of the YouTube channel. But Joe was there to bring everyone some peace of mind with humor, facts, logic and of course – sarcasm. He explained everything thoroughly calling out the smart-ass teenagers who thought they knew better than one of the top tech YouTubers. Comparing the views of older videos that have been around for a while now to those of the new ones that came out a day or two ago, and making a conclusion according to that is merely absurd. I mean there’s always gonna be people both online and offline who just seem physically unable to be supportive and simply happy for someone else, but with Joe’s attitude of choice – none of that matters.

Joe has another YouTube channel named Vid Authority. The major purpose of the channel was to serve as a platform to discuss YouTube news and strategies that would be beneficial for the newer content creators on platforms like YouTube.

The top tech YouTuber collaborated with various well-known brands and has experience with brand integrations on ThioJoe. Some of those popular brands include, LG and Lenovo. And like many other YouTubers and influencers, he has his own merchandise that you get from his website He also posts vlogs and videos on his website.

Marketing? Humor? Technology? If any of these fields interest you, follow the tech influencer for a mix of all three.

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