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This is your source for all things Android! It’s the largest independent publication dedicated to Android. Every month, they influence an audience of 50 million technology enthusiasts, industry professionals, and savvy millennials.
Over 3M YouTube subscribers get all the Android-related up-to-date information, reviews, opinions, comparison videos, giveaways and more.


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Android Authority was founded in 2007 and has won over 50 tech awards ever since. They have over 8 million followers on all social media platforms put together, and over 15 million website visitors monthly. Their team of tech specialists track every single detail of the tech landscape. Android Authority’s team includes Android developers, videographers, expert writers, journalists and device reviewers. Their passion for tech and a strong desire to deliver highest quality content are the fundamental things that brought all of those people together unified under a shared mission.

Today their publication is one of the most respected voices in tech reporting even though they started out as a small team of tech enthusiasts. The website may have changed over the years (they actually offer a link for the site visitors to be able to go back and see how the website used to look back in the day), but the thing that has remained a growing constant is Android Authority’s commitment to editorial integrity and high-quality content. This makes them one of the most successful platforms for Android consumers to use a reliable resource.

In their team the solution and answer to every issue is Android. Obsessed much? The group of veteran tech reviewers and writers reaches well over 500 million people every year with their top-notch tech content. Some of Android Authority’s partner YouTube channels include Gary Explains, SpeedTest G, SoundGuys and Drone Rush.

The group of some of the best tech YouTubers on the platform really know how to effectively communicate with their audience and build a trusting relationship. When their subscribers check out the product recommendations of Android Authority, they know that they’re in good hands because the reports are all coming from tech experts with well-considered and informed perspectives. Currently, Chris Carlon is the executive editor of one of the top independent publications related to Android.

Android Authority’s team members:
Bogdan Petrovan, Business Analytics Manager
Jimmy Westenberg, Managing Editor (News), Wearables Editor
Brian Dresher, VP, Strategy & Business Development
Andrew Grush, Content Strategy Manager
Jonathan Feist, Contributor & Executive Editor (Drone Rush)
Oliver Cragg, Managing Editor (Features & Reviews)
Christ Thomas, Head of Product Testing & Executive Editor (Sound Guys)
Tayo Onabule, Head of Product
David Nguyen, Performance Marketing Coordinator
John Dye, Sr. Audience Engagement Manager
Sarah Clary, Sr. Brand Partner Manager
Felix Mangus, Video Editor
Edgar Cervantes, Head of Imaging
Gary Sims, Tristan Rayner, Senior Editors
Robert Triggs, Senior Features Editor
Joe Hindy, Apps Editor
Lily Katz, Audio Editor
Eric Zeman, Reviews Editor
Matt Horne, Deals Editor
Luke Pollack, Writer & Producer
Mitja Rutnik, Writer & SEO Specialist
Luka Mlinar, SEO Specialist
Andy Walker, Senior Writer
John Callaham, Ryan Haines, Palash Volvoikar, Writers
Ankit Banerjee, C. Scott Brown, Hadlee Simons, Nick Fernandez, Dhruv Bhutani, Adamya Sharma, Editors
Adam Sinicki, Sam Moore, Jon Fingas, Igor Bonifacic, Sarah Chaney, Frederick Blichert, Contributors

These guys literally eat, work and live Android. Check out their website and get to know the big team of Android enthusiasts including what’s next for them.

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