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Are you an Instagram creator? Do you want to show off your unique style and growth? Our creator media kit is the essential link between your hard work and upcoming collaborations.

It keeps your brilliance on display, always up-to-date and ready for your next big collaboration.

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Media Kit For Influencers
Media Kit for Content Creators

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Media Kit

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How It Works

 Step 1: Create Your Media Kit

Customize your influencer media kit to present your unique style and preferences. Remember to include your past work and set prices for new projects!

 Step 2: Share it to Get Discovered

Include your custom media kit link in your social bios (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube) making it easily accessible for potential partners.

 Step 3: Land Awesome Deals

With your professional creator media kit now in place, you’re ready to stand out and make a lasting impression.

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I recently came across ViralMango while looking for brand outreach and media kit resources. I was amazed by their robust media kit product and brand outreach program. Not only did I build a detailed media kit, but I was able to use one of their email pitch templates and pitch directly to major national brands right in their platform! I recommend Viral Mango to not only building influencers, but seasoned influencers who want to take their game to the next level!

Alexandra Nolan, Lifestyle Influencer

1M followers across all platforms.

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ViralMango Media Kit is perfect for you if you want to expand your influencer business by creating captivating content. With automated performance metric updates and efficient brand outreach, it’s the right solution for you. If your goal is to stand out from other influencers and make a lasting impact through successful partnerships, then try the tool today.

Influencer media kit is like LinkedIn for professionals on the job hunt. So, as an influencer who’s serious about their career, you should have a portfolio. This portfolio not only showcases your influence but also presents your value to potential partners.

ViralMango helps you showcase your influence, negotiate fair rates, and provide up-to-date insights. This helps you to confidently negotiate and secure fair rates for collaborations. Furthermore, the media kit offers real-time insights, ensuring brands have accurate information about your stats, audience demographics, and popular content. As a result, this makes you an attractive choice for partnerships.

To create a media kit, you should decide its format. Choose between a PDF file or a dynamic online media kit with live data. Your media kit should include:
  • An intro
  • Performance stats
  • Content samples
  • Collaboration rates
  • Past successes
  • Contact info
Before creating it, you can check influencer media kit examples to get some inspiration.
A press kit is mainly for journalists, offering press releases, images, and background details. While a media kit targets a broader audience, presenting influencers’ metrics, audience insights, and past collaborations to potential partners and sponsors, extending beyond traditional media coverage. It‚Äôs more like a digital resume or influencer portfolio.

ViralMango Media Kit boasts customization options such as altering the theme, additionally switching between light/dark modes, incorporating rates for various content formats, and, lastly, showcasing your previous collaborations.

Yes, after you create your media kit and add your rates, you can then share your customized link with potential partners and brands. Furthermore, your media kit can be shared on social media, via email, and more.

Rest assured, we can’t access your private information, manage your accounts, or see sensitive details. So, your trust is vital to us and we put privacy and data security first. Also, we only collect public stats like follower count and engagement rates for your media kit. Again, your trust is super important to us, and we work hard to keep it with strong privacy and data security.

It’s a good practice to review and update your media kit every few months or whenever significant changes occur. Depending on your selected plan, your ViralMango media kit is updated weekly (Pro Media Kit) or monthly (Starter Media Kit).
Influencer media kit can range from 1 to 10 pages. A concise and well-organized media kit that covers key information is usually more impactful than a lengthy one. Having a dynamic online media kit can be more effective in presenting your information. With a single scrollable page, it ensures easy accessibility at all times.

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