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SSSniperwolf, aka Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, is a British-American Youtuber. She was thought to be a weird girl who played video games and didn’t abide by the usual characters assigned to her by society.


Alia has been arrested more than once on charges of attempted robbery (2013) and for getting into a huge argument with her boyfriend (2016). She was sued by Enigmahood for calling him a convicted sex offender. However, the charges were dropped on inadequate grounds. There were accusations of her working as an adult movie star which on further investigation showed that a woman named, Kalyta made money off her. She has had it the hard way. 


Despite being close to various controversies, Lia has only become more resilient. Her supposed weirdness has paid off in the form of her growing success. There has been no turning back from her gaming career ever since she stepped into an unfamiliar zone of fame. She shut all those mouths who consider girls as incompetent. She reiterates through her gaming skills that she is a queen and doesn’t need a man to validate her talents. Lia has come under scrutiny for being the lone wolf in the wilderness of gaming. She takes it as a challenge that builds up her self-confidence.


Lia uploads some engaging content on her Youtube channel every day. She’s widely known for her reaction videos to some of the most popular clips on the internet. Lia initially started with Call Of Duty and persevered in making an online presence. She is extraordinarily quick-witted and has some great things to say about the videos that she reacts to. She has also collaborated with Marshmellow in a video where she is seen helping the music producer cook crystal pop rocks from Fortnite. 


She first started as a gamer with a name originally attributed to an antagonist Sniper Wolf of Metal Gear Solid. Initially, Lia posted short vlogs on the channel, Sexysexysniper in the year 2011. Nevertheless, due to the sexual connotation attached to the name, she deleted the account and made another one named SSSniperwolf. In July 2020, her channel claimed the position of the most subscribed English female content channel. She has a second channel, Little Lia Wolf, that has more than 3 million subscribers. 

Lia was born in October 1992, in Liverpool, England, to a Greek father and a Turkish mother. She grew speaking Arabic and moved to America after six years. She has two brothers and a sister Ramya Lasagna. Lisa was nominated for Favorite Gamer in Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. She dated Evan Sausage for a while. Lia takes a keen interest in keeping dogs as pets and has 3 of them, Kaz, Lumpy, Ashe. Her first dog died from an attack by a coyote. Her parents showed immense support to her gaming career, which began from being given a PlayStation as a gift. Lisa is a rebel and doesn’t like to be put in the boxes. She makes her own definition of what success embodies.

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