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The YouTube channel mrwhosetheboss is managed by Arun Maini, an economics major whose life’s passion is technology. He makes videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, do not hesitate to contact this tech YouTuber!


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From a struggling high school student with a weird haircut to a handsome and incredibly successful top tech YouTuber – who would’ve thought? Actually many people probably because usually that’s how it goes. Everything started with an Android phone that his brother gifted him. Due to the curious person that Arun Maini is, he dove deep into the whats and hows and learned everything there was to know about what makes up an Android phone.

When Maini started out he neither had the equipment nor the money. He describes his camera presence in his earlier videos as “a vegetable” – he wasn’t wrong. Due to his limited budget back then, he was mainly focused on making software-based videos. Later on he would borrow new products from others in order to review them on his channel.

The creator of mrwhosetheboss ditches about 50 percent of his original video ideas. Usually he gets all sorts of ideas right when he’s about to go to bed, so he’ll get started on the script but halfway through it decides that the idea wasn’t good enough. Arun Maini talks about the fact that it often takes three to four days to make a high quality video, and so he catches himself being worried about it because by the time the video is out, the content might be redundant due to some new piece of information.

The YouTube tech reviewer used his economics skills almost every single day spending hours breaking down the data, as well as analyzing the graphs and statistics from YouTube Analytics. At some point that became obsessive. Mrwhosetheboss founder would literally be printing out his social blade profile to better understand his progress and where it’s headed. But his success ended up being above and beyond all his predictions and even the highest estimates. It took him seven years to get to 1M subscribers, only a year to get to 2M, and a short eight months to get to 3M. Now he has over 7M YouTuber subscribers. He went from the guy watching big tech YouTubers like MKBHD to collaborating with Marques himself. Arun Maini has worked with and attended several launch events with other YouTubers like Gaurav Chaudhary and Lewis Hilsenteger. His video titled “Turn YouR Smartphone into a 3D Hologram” got 300K views in a night. Maini was featured in Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Good Morning America, The Daily Telegraph and BB Radio.

The top tech YouTuber works between 12-14 hours a day usually but he does what he loves so he never gets tired of it. It’s quite the opposite actually – he actually admits to forgetting to even eat throughout the day, and losing touch with where he’s at. But he doesn’t complain and is simply thankful for the opportunities he’s had and his overall success. Arun Maini is incredibly grateful to all of his subscribers and viewers who’ve stuck with him throughout his journey in a tech universe that changes far too quickly.

Fun facts about the creator of mrwhosetheboss:
-One of the best tech YouTubers has a cat named Simba – an absolute ball of adorableness.
-Galaxy Fold is the phone he loves and hates simultaneously. He talks about its massive screen and how cool it is in applications that take advantage of it, but there are many that simply don’t – and that’s where the advantage becomes a disadvantage.
-Maini’s favorite piece of tech ever is the Playstation Portable, since he wasn’t much of a home console gamer.

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