Kyle Jackson


Majority of people will think that streaming is a joke and ridiculous but now it is a real business.And even celebrities are playing and creating profiles to make their content. It is also a big industry .


Kyle Jackson known as Mongraal is a teen boy playing in the stream. No one can imagine but this 16 years old boy is earning 74,900$ in a year. Kyle is more known Mongraal because first he was part of the secret team called Mongraal. Even the BBC has a reportage about Mongraal career.


At first he wasn’t earning money but now he is earning more than other adults at their age. Mongraal especially is earning money from his competition.The first competition where he earned money was the world cup . Mongraal was a finalist of the competition and as a finalist earned $100,000 .


Fun fact:  The manager of one of the streaming teams call Mongraal to have collaboration with him but from the voice they didn’t guess his age. But when they saw Jack in real life it was a shock for them. And if we think deeply, yes, it is really unbelievable that a 13 year old boy can create such important content on his web.


Nowadays Mongraal life’s a dream. Playing, traveling, and earning unlimited money. So try playing and becoming a streamer .

Go ahead, maybe you are the future Mongraal.

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