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Wildlife photography is an art form that every photographer should have in their repertoire. In addition to being visually stunning and capturing some incredible moments, photographers are raising awareness about wildlife conservation efforts by sharing these images with the world!


There are so many reasons to love wildlife photography. For one thing, it’s almost impossible not to take a great shot when you see something that looks this amazing! Even sleeping or eating animals have an air about them which makes for incredible images- and no wonder: the photographer and biologist Paul Nicklen understands just what we’re looking at here because he has captured some truly breathtaking shots from all over Earth!


Paul Nicklen is widely regarded as one of the best wildlife photographers. His work has taken him to some extremely fascinating places, and he’s never disappointed with what he shoots! For instance, Paul is famous for his shots in Antarctica or the Arctic – it doesn’t get any colder than this! 


The pictures Paul takes are as incredible as his life. From just the age of 4, he was living among the Inuit, who are Canadian Eskimos. 


There was no radio or television in the community: this taught Niklen to observe things for himself, create information, and spread it using his camera. And how beautiful were Paul’s pictures! Gentoo penguins, narwhals – you can almost feel like you’re there with these spectacular animals as they gracefully swim through an ice field under a darkening sky.  Paul Nicklen is the kind of wildlife photographer who can weave such incredible creations.


Paul Niklen received the 2006 World Press Photography award in the Nature category for his work on leopard seals. To capture those pictures, he had to descend into the icy waters of the Arctic, which of course, is very dangerous and risky. The book that Paul presented is called Polar Obsession, and it has 160 pictures of animals which seem to show you the secrets of nature.


As someone who has lived with the ice and snow for a long time, Paul is used to it. He can easily withstand any pain that comes his way because he knows how much more there is out in this world than what we see on our screens at home or when walking through galleries.


The photographer has been sharing his discoveries on the pages of National Geographic for years. Through his shots, you can feel Paul’s fascination with animals and environments that most people only read about in books or see on camera footage.


Paul Nicklen is a photographer who occasionally gives lectures. His lectures are always a hit with audiences, and he has already given several of them. People come from all over just for one of his talks, leaving comments on how much they enjoyed it online afterward–a common occurrence in itself! 


Paul Nicklen is a living link to nature’s secrets and treasures. He provides us with unique knowledge about animals that we really want to be preserved for future generations! His magnificent photography makes him invaluable in our creative ecosystem; I mean, who else would be able to take these pictures?

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