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Lennart Pagel is a German photographer and a videographer. He grew up in a small town with many family members working together. His father taught at the local school and has his own restaurant business, while mom helped out by serving customers.  Lennart’s father was a teacher and ran his small restaurant business in Saxony. Growing up,he had help from both parents to run the family’s company because they were also involved with teaching duties Lennart Pagel was born on 6th April in the year 1989 which describes Lennart’s age as 32 years as of 2021. His birthplace is a small village in Altenberg which is located in Saxony.


Lennart education is a perfect example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. At first he completed his schooling at a private school in Altenburg. After finishing his schooling, he moved to Frankfurt to pursue higher studies in Videography and Photography. When the young man was just entering into the second year of these training programs that would help him learn how to do what he loves the most; photography-it became where all this talent came from because it seemed  like something natural for him. After one year, he started getting clients for his skills in Photography and Videography. He became more confident as a photographer on the high seas with all these amazing opportunities. He got his degree from Frankfurt University, Germany.


Interesting facts about his personal life. Lennart Pagel is now unmarried and he is dating a girl. Besides photography, Lennart is a fitness lover and he loves to do workouts. Due to his work, he isn’t able to work out every day. He has nice body measurements.  He is a well-built man with an athletic body. The size of his arms and shoulders show what he can do when it comes to physical fitness. . Another hobby is snowboarding and camping. After so much travel, one of his favorite places is Greenland, because he says there is still a lot to discover in Greenland and to take photos.


Lennart Pagel is very popular on Instagram, with more than 500k followers on the platform. He uploads live updates of his life through stories and posts regularly to keep in touch with fans who follow him there as well.

He has two Instagram profiles. He is more active in lennart. Here we can find photos taken by him. He has an amazing eye for details,which is clear in his work.The second one lennartpagel is for daily things such as the video of his house. On his Instagram highlights, we can see the process of his work, which creates the illusion that you are also traveling with him.He has his own van “Gilbert the Van” and he often goes on a little trip with his girlfriend on weekends.


In one of his interviews, the question “What inspires you in photography? What do you like most?” he answered that his biggest inspiration is nature. It invites you to take photos. Then he gets caught up in the photo, always capturing the passing moment. Photography creates awareness of the moment.


Lennart Pagel left his job in the year 2018. So now his main source of income is generated from his photography works for his clients. He charges $20k to $400k per work from his clients. Besides this, he earns from brand promotion through his Instagram posts and stories by mentioning the brand.

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