Savannah Rose LaBrant

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If you have ever thought that it is impossible to balance both family and career, Savannah is here to prove you wrong. With her family they are one of the most famous people on the Internet. 


Savannah Soutas was born 28 years ago in Los Angeles. She has a sister named Chantelle Paige, who is the singer of the R&B band called “Flipsyde.” From a young age she was an active child who loved to try new things, thus she started going to dancing from the age of two. Afterwards in her teenage years she went to the modeling sphere and worked there for several years. Later Savanna realized that she has an enormous passion for professional photography, so she started to learn that and eventually started working as a photographer. Then she turned her talents as a professional photographer into her success as a blogger and Instagrammer. Now she actively posts on three social media platforms with more than 40 million combined followers. Currently Savannah posts videos and photos with her family members ( two daughters and a son). Her first child, Everleigh, was born when Savannah was 19 years old, then she welcomed her second daughter in 2018 and in July of last year her son Zealand.


In addition to her personal accounts, Savannah runs other social media accounts for her daughter Everleigh and her son Zealand, with 5M and 696K followers respectively. She turned her family into a fashion icon on the Internet. Savannah documents everything that happens in their family life, what do they do, how do they do and why do they do. By starting watching their old videos you can literally see them grow both physically and mentally, including their children. That’s why people love them. By following them on social media, you become one of them, as if you’re also their family member. 

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