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Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beautifully glistening photos that Patti shares with her 248 thousand Instagram followers to admire? These photos are perfect captures and illustrations of the life of the Schmidts – authentic and gorgeous.

Right. First things first. Patti Schmidt, ladies and gentlemen, is probably one of the older Mom influencers out there; however, she’s also one of the most inspiring ones. Larry and Patti Schmidt are the parents of – as Patti likes to say – three big boys and one little girl. The age gap between the kids isn’t a small one with the boys being 29, 27 and 23 (Larry, Patrick and Gavin) while the little cutie daughter, Avery, is only 6.

Fun fact: Her daughter’s first name is also Patti’s maiden name. I know right. How cute is that?
She lives in New Jersey with her husband of 30 years and their four beautiful children. She always had a love for photography and you can clearly tell from her social media. Patti had her first ever camera when she was only 10 years old.

The Mom influencer did have a decade long successful portrait photography business. As she shares, it started out with her photographing her own kids and then other people’s kids, which then turned into a career. Family was, is and will always continue to be the utmost important thing for Mama Schmidt. So when her little angel Avery was born, she decided to shift the focus more on personal photography, working with brands here and there but mostly just creating content for her own social media.

Accompanied by the sunshine and pleasantly pastel beach colors in her photos, Patti Schmidt tries to not give in too much into the whole what-should-I-post-so-people-like-it rabbit hole. As she shares, she tries to keep the emphasis on things that are the most valuable to her and bring her the most joy, which is essentially her family. She loves experimenting with photography both in terms of colors and sizes of the objects/people she takes pictures of. The beach colors are what resonate the most with her and her entire family, while taking pictures of her boys with their little sister accentuating their size difference is what never fails to give her a good chuckle every time.

The Mom influencer shares her struggles of being a public persona and even the fact that sometimes she questions if she should be doing this at all. But then she will hear someone say that something that she shared or something about her experience inspired someone either in photography or made them regain hope in regards to infertility. As she says, she’s gotta keep a thick skin because the positives of her being a public persona and an influencer outweigh the negatives.

Patti Schmidt shares interesting facts about the age gap between her children. If you become a mom after 40 and are looking for inspiration, you should surely follow her. She’s one of those people that manage to be a very private person yet open to sharing her personal experiences and life journey.

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