Kathleen Belsten


Kathleen Belsten, famous for her nickname LoserFruit or Lufu, was born on February 22,1993 in Melbourne, Australia.Not much is known about LoserFruit’s family and childhood.


Kathleen got famous due to the videos where she plays Fortnite and Overwatch.She joined YouTube in 2013.As for now she has over 3.3M subscribers and about 800 videos.Also Kathleen has another YouTube channel called “Lufu”.Here she posts about her life,funny staff and travel videos.


Lufu joined an Australian YouTuber group called “Click”.You can find about her life in “Click House” on her YouTube page LuFu.


Lufu has a TikTok account Loserfruit  and lately she hit 3M followers and announced that she loved this platform.On TikTok LoserFruit posts funny videos mostly about gaming.


LoserFruit is also an official athlete of Gymshark, which collaborates with Influencers and sells athletic clothing.On their website you can see their whole assortment gymshark.


Belsten joined Instagram in 2014, on Instagram she posts beautiful and funny photos of her,funny videos and photos with her boyfriend Marcus.Lufu has an Instagram filter called “What fruit are you” , it shows what fruit you’re alike and has a funny comment under it.


Marcus and Kathleen started dating in 2017.Lufu’s boyfriend is a member of Australian YouTuber group Click.

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