Ashley Stark Kenner


While maintaining the legacy of their family heirloom ‘STARK,’ The biggest challenge Ashley Stark (mother of three) faced was keeping balance in work and life. Even still, she has to work out to get some valuable time for herself. 


Ashley had seen her aunt Iris Apfel how she used to maintain balance in her personal and professional life. Ashley kept working hard and did extremely well at work and at home. Her biggest inspiration was her grandmother Nadia Stark who was a strong lady and used to teach her many facts about business and life. Now, Ashley is a Creative Director of STARK, a successful businesswoman, a social media influencer, and also a proud mother.


Ashley had had a deep affection for her great aunt Iris Apfel who used to spend hours teaching her about the significance of quality textiles when Ashley was very young. Even still, sometimes, her aunt becomes a great source of inspiration for her when it comes to creating a new design. Ashley traveled a lot to have great inspiration for her new designs. She visited several mills located in China, Nepal, and India, where she saw her ideas coming to life. This is the result of her hard work that expanded the company from rugs to fabric, floorcovering, wallcovering, and furniture. She has been consistently inventing new designs and creating something that will let the company grow and flourish forever. 


It was her grandparents Arthur and Nadia Stark who founded the carpet and fabric company in 1938. Her grandmother became her biggest inspiration, who fostered an interest in her for their family work. Her uncle and aunt, Carl and Iris Apfel, also contributed a lot to shape her life and career and who she is today. They taught her about textiles, brocades, jacquard, and everything that their company was dealing with. This guidance set a strong foundation for her to be a successful businesswoman. She learned from her aunt Iris Apfel about how to make a balance between work and life. This all works behind how Ashley became successful as a Creative Director of STARK. Being a successful social media influencer, Ashley keeps posting on social media platforms to showcase her new creations, especially on home remodeling. Currently, she has a follower base of over 1 million on Instagram, and the count is still on. There is no information available about her net worth, but she and her husband Nick (co-founder of Just Salad) bought the FAO Schwarz mansion for $9M. That was a huge investment and showed their royalty.

Ashley was born and raised in NYC and belonged to an affluent family. She married Nick Kenner, founder, and CEO of Just Salad. Now, she is a mother of three. Being a mother, the best and the proudest moment is when people say that their children are sweet, polite, and well behaved. Another proud moment is when her children say that they love her more than infinity. Currently, she resides in NYC with her family.  

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