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Bethany Ciotola is married to the love of her life and they have 4 adorable baby boys together – Kai, Rowan, Will, and Cole. She started the blog Bethany and Her Boys after her kids Rowan and Kai were born. On her account and Mom blog, you’ll find an impressive amount of helpful articles along with general information about Mom life, family, fashion, and makeup.

Bethany is married to Chris. When she was only 20, she booked a photoshoot and on the casting day, she met Chris. She thought he was the most gorgeous creature she has ever seen and due to her unhealthy obsession with Twilight at the time, he looked like Taylor Lautner’s older hotter brother to her, which she was very happy about. Duh. Chris would find any reason to come talk to her and apparently they had a lot in common. It was the first time Bethany felt such a deep connection to someone so quickly. Her happiness hit the ceiling when she found out that they’re gonna have to kiss. All throughout the shoot he was very sweet and respectful to her. And that entire time the Mom influencer to-be was in the oh-he’s-so-out-of-my-league-why-would-he-be-interested-in-me mode. At the end of the shoot he asked for her phone number. And the rest is history. A very beautiful history full of love and lots of adorable gorgeous babies.

Their wedding day journey is absolutely sweet. They eloped in Paris, took romantic pictures behind the Notre-Dame, she made Chris cry during their vows (apparently it was the first time she saw him cry), then they backpacked all through Europe for a month. And all of this on a very tight budget. As the couple did not have that much money, they decided to have a little ceremony with close friends and family to celebrate their love back in New York. Bethany organized everything herself. The ceremony was gonna be held in Central Park and when they got there, they were met with thousands of people because there was a concert there. She literally walked down the aisle under the song “Sex is on Fire” by Kings of Leon. There were a number of things to worry about but the bride was simply looking forward to spending her life with her best friend. Yup. They are as sweet to this day.

Our gorgeous Instagram Mom is incredibly sweet, genuine, sarcastic, loving and hilarious. Her content and her overall style is full of aesthetic appreciation whether it’s her fashion choices or home design. She describes herself as a hopeless romantic and that’s most definitely the vibe that she gives off. She loves Keira Knightley and historic teen dramas except for the ones that twist history too much. Even though she is a self-proclaimed introvert she seems to have a very easy-going and social personality. Her character shines through any piece of content she shares and it’s always uplifting, judgment-free, supportive, and if not always then funny most of the time. The Mom blogger never misses to capture and document the adventures of her kids and present their wonderful relationship with one another. For example, when Will turned into an aggressive hairdresser in an attempt to comb Kai’s hair, who in response to Bethany’s concern comforted her saying he knows Will isn’t doing it on purpose, it’s okay. Did you awe? Cause I did. Big time.

Bethany Ciotola is a Mom blogger who constantly reiterates that no one’s perfect but she hopes her sharing moments of her beautifully chaotic journey of motherhood will encourage Moms out there to simply do their best and not to forget to take care of themselves as well – breathe and smile. If you’re not following her – you’re seriously missing out.

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