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Elle Walker is the mom of three. She is also a co-founder of WhatsUpMoms on YouTube with over 3M subscribers. Her audience can find everything they need to know about motherhood—including guides and video tutorials.
Walker became a part of the YouTube community in 2011 with her channel WhatsUpELLE. Initially finding success with it, she achieved a much larger following through her second channel WhatsUpMoms.
The last video on WhatsUpElle was posted over six years ago. It’s a cute little video where Elle talks about the importance of making sure and doing everything in her power to encourage kids, especially little girls to be excited about STEM courses. Her sweet nerdy and bubbly personality really shines through in the video and we get a little background on her as a kid and her journey to today’s fun and experimental videos that she does with her adorable kids. Though her personal Youtube channel is on a long pause, for now, Elle Walker continues to create relatable, funny, and helpful content on her other social media platforms.
Now collaborating with her friends Meg and Brooke, Elle runs their WhatsUpMoms channel that is perfectly tailored for every single mom out there willing to learn about parenting backward and forwards. They also post about kitchen tips, recipes, vlogs, etc.
Elle co-founded WhatsUpMoms with her friend and now business partner Meg Resnikoff. The idea was born when they were searching for a video on ‘how to fly with a baby and ended up finding little to nothing that was gonna be helpful. Both of them being Moms themselves decided that they basically wanna become a useful resource for Moms all over the world – the kinda resource they wish they had. After figuring out how to implement their bright idea (this was not meant to sound sarcastic), to this day Elle and Meg continue to shower Moms from different parts of the world with tips, ideas, advice, and the occasional I-know-right-same kinda supportive attitude.
Elle’s fandom is referred to as Ellegiance. Corny. I know. But it gives the fandom a familial sense which only positively contributes to Elle’s success as we can clearly see.
Elle Walker together with her handsome husband Ross Walker are parents to Presley, Ford, and Tess. Unlike Elle, Ross does not like being on camera. He tries to avoid it as much as possible. But being the supportive and loving husband that he is, he not only occasionally appears on camera he even helps out Elle at times withdrawing activities, for example, that Elle had to otherwise take over. How sweet. The Mom influencer loves spending time with her kids whether it’s going on a date with Presley, playing an Easter edition of a scavenger hunt, or even letting the kids direct the entire video where she simply obeys and does her part of the acting.
Her very approachable, genuine, sweetly nerdy, and hilarious vibe translates into every piece of content she puts out. And other than being relatable and helpful, it’s just fun to watch her tackle so many things at once. She has collaborated with Tide, Capital One, BBC, Levi’s, Pepsi, Disney, Kohler, and these are only some of the well-known names of Elle Walker’s collaborations.
WhatsUpMoms generates over 35M views… monthly… No wonder they were chosen to be the #1 Parenting Influencer in the U.S. by Forbes.


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