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The Ace Family comprises ex-basketball pro, Austin McBroom, his beautiful spouse, Catherine Paiz, and their 2 adorbs, Elle Lively and Alaïa Marie.
They started their lifestyle YouTube channel in 2016, and already have 18.5M subscribers.

Twice a week they upload videos about their day-to-day lives, the most popular videos include challenges, pranks, and family vlogs.

This family knows exactly how to have fun and some crazy experiences.
But how much of it is genuine? According to what the audience gets to see Austin and Catherine had a beautiful loving relationship that was stamped with Catherine’s dream engagement ring. After they went skydiving (despite the fact that Austin has a fear of heights), he not only proposed to Catherine but also proposed to his baby daughter with a promise ring to be the best Dad that he can ever be.

So yeah – the goal of The Ace Family is to make sure that they appear as picture-perfect-everyone-wishes-to-have-a-family-like-theirs as possible. They have millions of fans and followers going like “#goals am I right?” after each and every one of their we-are-genuine-this-is-our-unfiltered-authentic-life documentations. Air quotes on documentation? I don’t know.

What is known is that Austin Austin’s basketball career was a pretty good base to build a fanbase on. And Catherine’s modeling experience for Victoria’s Secret’s Azzelia Swimwear definitely did not do any harm.
The couple started out like so many of the YouTube couples today – by pranking each other and finding that absolutely hilarious. But whatever is the case, facts are – there are enough people out there either agreeing that it’s hilarious or finding themselves getting involved enough to keep coming back to videos of couples constantly testing the waters of their relationships with all those fun or “fun” pranks.
Austin and Catherine started vlogging in 2016 when the content was more prank-based. When they found out Catherine is pregnant with their first cutie, there was a gradual transition to more parenting and lifestyle content.
The soon-to-be-here first bundle of joy had also affected the name of the channel. The couple started out with Catherine and Austin Vlogs, but with the addition to the team, the name did not fit the picture-perfect family life they had in mind and tried to portray. So it became The Ace Family, where ACE is actually an acronym with the initials of Austin, Catherine, and Elle (their first baby daughter).
Becoming more relatable and probably even acceptable characters according to what came to be the societal norms in our community, Catherine and Austin reached a following of 1M subscribers in a year. And from then on they continued to skyrocket with 10M in 2018 and 17M in 2019.

Hitting over a billion views in 2018 and only continuing to grow, fake or not – it is safe to admit that The Ace Family has a great business strategy. Catherine and Austine didn’t just stop at YouTube, they consistently create and upload more content to all of their social media platforms. They went as far as creating ACE family memes, merch and collaborated with other YouTubers. So you know what – fake or not – they’re making that coin and building a brand for themselves, so good for them.

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