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Mama to daughter Aria, son Aiden and puppies Lady and Mia Swiss, as well as the beautiful and loving wife of Dan Swiss – also known as Rebecca Swiss. Her life with her family is fun, crazy, full of love and most importantly unfiltered. If you wanna see captured moments of good food, good friends and pleasant adventures in a way that still show character then look no further and start following Rebecca Swiss if you don’t already.


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Rebecca Swiss was raised in Florida but born in Brazil. Rebecca grew up dancing ballet for 21 years. Now the family is living life to the fullest in Utah. Due to pregnancies, Rebecca gained a lot of weight that she’s been on the journey of losing. She enjoys every step of self-love journey so much so she wants to be able to share the experience with as many people from all over the world as possible. Some of her passions and consequently divisions within the blog include fashion, fitness and lifestyle. Her love of life positively overwhelms her and wants to be able to either help or guide people to living their best lives by becoming the best versions of themselves they can be.

Rebecca Swiss’ main focus point thematically is being a Mama. She talks about this extensively whether it’s her talking about the nursery room or the pregnancy struggles that were all obviously worth it at the end. The Mom blogger recalls finding out that she was pregnant. She was feeling everything at once to a point where it didn’t really make sense. Rebecca opens up about her dance injury that caused her to leave dance, which started acting up and in addition to the natural struggle of the pregnancy it made daily basic tasks like walking close to impossible.

Mama Swiss tries to make her sponsorships and collaborations with all kinds of products as entertaining as she possibly can. If let’s say the product is a box of cereal, since the kids would be all over it anyway, she tries to stay organized but also creatively include her kids in order to make the content more engaging. 

The Mom influencer continuously seeks for motivation for herself, in order to be able to be motivating for her kids, her husband and her followers. Making sure that she is able to serve as a role model for her kids to never give up on their dreams is in itself a huge motivating factor for Rebecca herself. She knows that choosing a lifestyle she is actually happy living by is going to be that crucial element of finding the joy in everyday things so that her kids will almost “inherit” love for life because life is too short to have any other attitude.

Since Rebecca remains loyal and genuine to herself, her overall content becomes relatable and even if it’s not it’s heartwarming to be able to see someone you don’t even know open up so much to you and have them communicating to you their insights and tips on life via creative and entertaining content. 

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