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How often do you find influencers who have content in multiple languages? If you are lucky, you might get subtitles in some cases, but even that isn’t the case all the time. If you are looking for beauty content in English and Portuguese and also want to learn about Brazilian makeup and skincare tips, then Camila Coelo might be the influencer just for you.


Camila Coelho is a Brazilian-American beauty influencer, makeup and fashion blogger, Instagram star, and businesswoman. She is famous for both of her two YouTube channels. Camila Coelho makes videos in Portuguese on her main channel, but even if you don’t speak that language, there is no need for worry because you can follow her second channel, where all her content is in English.

Camila Coelho was born in Brazil, but her family moved to the US when she was still very young. After completing her education, Camila started working in a makeup shop before making it big on social media.


As the founder of the beauty brand, Elaluz Camila Coelho has tried nearly every beauty product and trend. As already mentioned, the influencer has 2 YouTube channels that have accumulated more than 5 million subscribers combined. She’s also quite popular on Instagram with over 9 million followers. Camila started her career in 2010 where she began giving tips for Portuguese audiences. That was quickly followed by success, so much that it made her start another channel in English to cover different topics like makeup and hair tutorials, skincare routines, product reviews, travel vlogs from around the world! If you are into fashion, then that’s the place where you want to look for new inspirations and fashion tips.  


When it comes to her skin, Camila Coelho is always on top of things. From using various beauty products and visiting the spa several times a month, she does anything in order to be at peak condition for posting pictures online as a beauty influencer. But even then, there are some days when your skin just doesn’t want to play along! However, that’s not too big of a worry for Camila. Whenever she is confronted with skin issues, Camila Coelho prefers to give her skin some proper rest by using only minimal makeup products. Drinking plenty of water and using moisturizing face masks is another one of her little tricks to clear up her skin again. 

Camila Coelho doesn’t follow any specific diet, but she loves eating fruits.  Camila got this habit from her mother, who loved to emphasize the importance of fruits and vegetables. But even though she pays attention to having a healthy diet, the beauty guru also loves to have cheat days where she treats herself with unhealthy food.


The YouTube star is married to Icaro Brenner, with whom she started dating back in 2005. According to some rumors, he is also originally from Brazil. The couple got married in 2019. The wedding ceremony was very private, and only close friends and family members were invited. 

Icaro Brenner was introduced in one of Camila’s videos, where the couple revealed that they met during a birthday party.


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