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It all started out as a way for Jessica Shyba to keep in touch with her larger family and friends while they take a cross-country tour. She started blogging in 2009 and created the platform Momma’s Gone City that ended up becoming one of the most popular Mom blogs to this day.
The family was living in California when the Mom influencer’s husband Justin became the reason for their move to New York, where he was going to attend dental school. This move not only became life-changing for Justin’s career but also for Jessica’s – though she did not know that yet at the time. As a Mom and as a wife it was not the easiest of times because there were too many things to manage but it was one of the most rewarding. Shyba shares how significant she found that experience to be – the kids seeing their Dad work long and hard for this dream. Even if they did not understand it then, Jessica is happy that they’ll have a visual memory of their Dad not giving up on his dream and persistently working towards achieving it, which spoiler alert – he did. Go, Justin!
Her husband’s achievement of his personal goal made Jessica wonder of her own. She tried to remember when was the last time she did something for herself outside of the scopes of being a Mom and a wife. So blogging and documenting her family’s experiences and adventures was the perfect outlet for Jessica because it allowed her to spend time with her kids while expressing herself creatively. Momma’s Gone City gave her inner fulfillment and satisfaction. She opens up about how she found the confidence and ambition to go after something that excited her personally a bit late – but we’re here to tell our girl Jess that it’s never too late. What’s important is that she felt inspired and made the first step which led her to so many more.
Ever since those times, the family has already relocated back to California. Jessica and Justin have two beautiful girls and two handsome boys together – Jack, Zoe, Beau, and Evangeline. The family also has two more members – their cat Charlie and puppy Theo. One of the most unexpected and positively explosive things that happened in the family’s life was the photos of baby Beau and puppy Theo. Jessica noticed their adorable naps together and would capture the cutest moments ever. But when posting she never thought they would blow up. The photos were so well-received that new work opportunities opened up for the blogger Mom. Baby Beau and puppy Theo became internationally known. They were all over Jessica’s blog and other social media platforms like Instagram.
The adorable duo is the reason for Momma’s Gone City’s new sponsorships as well as Jessica Shyba’s book deal which was yet another opportunity for the Mom influencer to share her love for writing and photography with her audience. Follow her for cute, honest, reflective, and positive content. Evangeline and Charlie might have something planned – you never know.


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