Lily Rose



Lily Rose is a photographer, stylist, and creative director. She advocates for individuality to be celebrated in every person she meets through her work as both an artist and individual herself. Lily strives toward creating something beautiful that captures the spirit of those being photographed while also helping them feel comfortable enough on camera so everyone can show their true self no matter what it is. She is a beautiful woman whose height has been perfectly maintained at one meter and 55 centimeters.


She was born on a bright, sunny day in June, the 5th of June. She lives in Sydney which is the capital city of the state of New South Wales.


Her blog is one of the most popular in her niche and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. She runs it mainly on her website, which gets lots of traffic due to its ranking. The name of the website is mynameislilyrose, where there are categories like A day A story, Beauty, Cite Guide, Coups de, Event, Fashion, Paris, Style, Travel, Vlog, etc. Here you will find fragments of life from Lily Rose and wonderful pictures.


A little bit of a woman traveling. Curious and adventurous, she’s constantly on the go. She never meets an adventure that is too far from her reach. As a woman who loves life, she is always on the search for beautiful things. Her favorite destination to visit in this world is traveling abroad has given her an opportunity to encounter different cultures which help fuel this desire even more. Those who followed her Instagram account knew that she thirsts for adventure and a perpetual desire to discover the world.


She had actually been dreaming of starting a blog for years but she was too afraid.

However, after some hesitation and self-doubt about whether or not this is what she wants in her life right now, she finally took the leap. Instagram has given her the opportunity to share and receive so much, which is what makes Instagram such a blast.

She feels she can continue this adventure for as long as necessary on social media with all of these new friends made through it.


Many women who are passionate about life and love the earth find their inspiration in Nature. This is what Lily Rose does, too! She has always had an interest in everything handmade – be it fashion or interior design; that’s why she is going to open her atelier –Atelier INDĀ, where people will see beautiful things inspired by nature. Warmly welcomes everyone all around the world by worldwide shipping.

The whole point of her content is that she wants everyone to understand, no matter what your dreams are or how far away they may seem. They can be achieved if you work hard enough. Achieving success starts with believing in yourself and this woman knows exactly what she wants. 

Speaking of Lily Rose being active on social media, it should be noted that she has 267K followers on Instagram,716 followers on Pinterest,408 subscribers on YouTube.She leads an active social life also on Snapchat.

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