Theron Humphrey

Followers: 1.3M
Comments/Likes: 1.00
Engagement: 3.59
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Have you ever heard about pupfluencers and how a dog can become an Instagram star and influencer?


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Who is Theron Humphrey and why is his dog an Instagram star?

You may not have heard of Theron Humphrey, but most probably you’ve seen his dog, Maddie. Theron Humphrey was born in North Carolina, he is a former commercial photographer. 


The dog that Humphrey adopted became an inspiration for writing a book and reason to take 4000 photos that were successfully rated by his Instagram audience. These photos that he was taking during a road trip helped him to attract an audience consisting of 1.3 million people from all over the world. Now Humphrey not only takes photos of his dog but also creates some beautiful photos including nature.


Fun fact: If you look closer or take a closer look at his photos you will notice that his dog always looks sleepy. In one of his interviews he mentioned

’’Maddie has two personalities. She’s either super pumped about life and running around like a puppy or the laziest dog ever, who looks like Eeyore.”


Now Instagram is not only a platform where Humphrey shares his works but also a place where he meets new people. He also takes photos of their pets and shares stories that are interesting and include funny stories about his trips and his dog. He created an app which is called “Why We Rescue’’.


 The app works with the help of a map where folks click on that location and sign up. The driven result shows that there are a lot of people who want to become a part of that project. He thinks that the app is also a beautiful way to find folks and create photos. The world’s nature is big and magnificent. There are a lot of places that are worth seeing but we physically are not able to be in those places at the same time, so the app can be a solution.


Fun fact: If you scroll his Instagram photos you will see that Maddie is perched pretty high in some of the photos which causes/is the reason for a lot of worries. But Thumper mentioned that the dog is well trained and has great balance.


So due to his cute dog and long trips, Humphrey is earning approximately 250,00$ for 1 post and now his dog, Meddie, is a pupfluencer.

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