Charlie The Golden

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Charlie, the Golden retriever, has a perfect life. He lives with three other dogs in Ohio and is never bored! It doesn’t get much better than this, does it?


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The pup and his family have been getting around, and they have made a name for themselves with their adorable antics. The world fell in love when they found out this dog was just one of the many famous social media stars on the internet! Charlie currently boasts over 2 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Thousands of fans like his videos. Not only are they humorous but an inspiration as well, considering how much time can easily fly by without notice while you’re scrolling through his feed.


The husband and wife team behind the camera started posting videos on social media a couple of years ago. At first, their posts attracted little attention with just a couple of likes. But that changed very quickly when more and more people noticed Charlie and his adorable puppy friends. Soon their posts on social media would generate thousands of likes and views. The newfound attention gave a boost to Alicia Dixon and her husband, who continued advancing the online presence of their fur babies.


Their success is owed to their massive collection of funny videos that portray everyday canines in humorous situations, which resonates with many people! They specialize in making videos that are so entertaining, funny, and relatable to most people. The world of dog videos is a magical one, where we get to see our favorite furry friends in all their glory. But there’s something about the humor that really gets to people- it hits home and makes them laugh out loud!


The fur family is a bustling bunch. There are four dogs in total- Charlie and Buddy, both golden retrievers, and then there are Daisy and Herbie, who are  Landseer Newfoundlands. What a cast of characters! The pack of mischievous dogs live together in harmony. They’ve been best friends for as long as anyone can remember.


When Alicia and her husband decided to get a dog, they wanted something that would be fun for both of them. So when her husband remembered how much joy his childhood Golden Retriever brought him every time, it was clear what kind of pet the couple needed!

The perfect mix between loveable goofiness mixed with protectiveness – not quite big enough where you feel like your home needs complete security but also not too little. 


So it’s no wonder they got Tucker. The dog was instantly attractive and charming; he had Alicia wrapped around his little paws in love with him fast! The handsome hound was a melt-your-heart kind of dog, and Alicia was totally hooked on him right away! However, after spending some wonderful years with them, Tucker passed away because of cancer which left the couple heartbroken. Still, their love for golden retrievers continued in the future. 


Another dog breed that had always fascinated Alicia was Newfoundland. And with no surprise, considering how their teddy bear-like appearance can melt anyone’s heart. 


Nowadays, these two dog breeds have joined together to entertain all the animal friends on the internet!

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