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Envy, Zain, and Trek are like Peanut, Butter, and Jelly. They are okay separately but absolutely amazing together. This trio won the hearts of 450 thousand people on Instagram with their hugs and smiles. Envy and Zain were known as “the hugging dogs” as a picture of them hugging spread all over the internet and later they were joined with another dog named Trek. 


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Their owner Kelly Bove shared that all three of them were rescues and are Border collies, just like she wanted. She says she had no intention for her dogs to be this famous. Kelly is a professional photographer and originally created an Instagram account to share her works. As dogs were and still are a big part of her life she mostly posted pictures of them and unintentionally gained a large following. 


In 2010 Kelly adopted her first dog Envy, who is now 12 years old. Envy had been rehomed 3 times and needed a new one. As the dog fitted Kelly’s dream dog description perfectly, on New Year’s Day she drove 13 hours from Pennsylvania to Tennessee to see her. It didn’t take her long to realize that Envy was the one. 


Four years later Kelly and her husband moved into their first house, which meant Envy was not going to be around other dogs and would spend a lot of time alone. That’s why they decided to adopt another dog Zain, who is now 7 years old. He was a rescue in New York and when he was brought home, Zain chewed everything he saw and didn’t want to obey the rules. But as time passed he learned the rules and became a part of the family.


In 2016 when Trek was adopted the iconic duo became a trio. He was adopted from the same rescue in New York as Zain. Trek was an 8-week old puppy when Kelly brought him home. The fans thought he was Envy and Zain’s puppy and even though Kelly denied it multiple times, some still think so. Now he is all grown up and ready to join Envy and Zain and have the “hugging dogs” title with them.


Even though all three dogs are the same breed they are different in many ways. Kelly says that Envy is more serious and behaves like a boss. Zain is more of a people pleaser and will take as much attention as he can from them. And Trek is the little annoying sibling that everybody has and most of the time is the reason why Kelly has to take multiple pictures to get the right shot for Instagram. But the important thing is that there are lessons to be learned from these dogs, they teach us how to love each other unconditionally and not forget to give hugs to our loved ones.

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