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As the internet grows and becomes a more significant part of how people interact with one another, it’s no surprise that animals have taken over this medium too. Cats can be found stalking their prey on Instagram because they know we love to watch them explore new territory. Dogs are taking YouTube by storm as videos of playing fetch in pools gain more views than most other clips! Animal influencers understand our desire for these furry friends, so encourage us to follow them online through social media or video platforms like YouTube instead. We get updates about what the animal is doing every day without having an actual pet who requires daily care.


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As famous Insta-pets go, few are as talented or fabulously furry as Maya the Samoyed.


Maya the Samoyed is a German-born pup who has used Instagram to show off her funny personality. She will do tricks for treats and loves making people laugh with memes, videos, and GIFs. Her favorite thing is being adorable all day long! In October 2016, she opened up an account on Instagram and did her first post where she did her first post.


Mayas’ owner is Lingli Ye, who is also known as Karen.


Ever since Maya became Instafamous, she has been the prime target of animal lovers. She is a fluffy and adorable Samoyed with more than 2 million followers on her Instagram account to prove it. Her YouTube channel displays clips of all the times that she was able to charm people while out in public or even just lounging around at home.


Maya is one of the many Samoyed dogs that are easy to recognize for their thick coats. The breed can be seen rolling around in snow and ice, playing with their owners on sunny days, or acting as a gentle cuddle buddy during winter evenings by simply being there to provide warmth for those who need it most – whether they have fur coats or not! Samoyed dogs shed a lot, with fur coming out all year round and not just during shedding time! 


Her great, white coat makes her stand out more than she would otherwise. She is even called a polar bear because of it!


Maya the Samoyed is more than just a fluffy face. She’s an intelligent and loyal four-legged friend to her human. Amongst the many talents of Maya, her most outstanding talent is ASMR videos. She can do all sorts of tricks and challenges that people love to watch! Her owner also adds thoughts in these videos, which may be just what you need when you want a good mood. You’ll never be bored again when Maya’s around because there’s always something new to look forward to on YouTube.


Maya is a busy dog who loves to eat and read. She often eats half of her watermelon in one sitting, which keeps her healthy appetite alive!

She also has many talents: Maya can swim like an Olympian, talk with Siri on the phone just by wagging his triangular ears back and forth.

Maya is a pro cuddler! She loves to curl up on her quilted dog bed, in the lap of her mom, or even just sitting at a computer desk. When she’s not out, and about meeting people for walks around town or trips to malls with friends, Maya spends her time playing with makeup.

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