Shinjiro Ono

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If you’re not following Maru the Shiba Inu on Instagram, then what are you waiting for? This dog from Tokyo has gone viral! With more than 2.5 million followers across Japan and abroad, his antics have captured our attention like no other pup could hope to. Whether standing tall or wagging his tail, Maru is up-to-date with all things social media-related, so make sure to follow him today.


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 Maru is not an ordinary dog. He came into this world as one lonely puppy who had been ignored by many buyers probably because of his round shape (or maybe it was just fate). However, when Shinjiro Ono walked past a Pet Shop window and saw what appeared to be an adorable ball-shaped pup, he fell head over heels and couldn’t resist any longer! Together with his wife, Ono decided to buy the round-shaped dog in December 2007. And so they named him Maru, which means “the circle.” A name that shows what makes this adorable pup so unique. 


Soon Ono started taking pictures of Maru and posting them online. When Ono started Maru’s Instagram account, the follower count was only a few. But within just one month, their social media posts attracted more than 5 thousand people following him! Ono was blown away when he found out that many of these followers lived overseas.


Maru’s daily life is a journey through the beautiful Japanese culture. There is no shortage of charming destinations in this country, and Ono wants you to explore them all with him by capturing atmospheric shots of all the beautiful places they visit all across Japan. 


In the wake of Japan’s devastating earthquake, Shinjiro Ono posted daily photos snapped with his adorable round-faced Maru. His intention was to brighten up those dealing with such a tragedy by posting these picturesque images.


Maru’s smile is so contagious. He can’t seem to go anywhere in Tokyo without drawing attention. The way his eyes crinkle up when he smiles makes everyone feel peace and happiness.


With her signature smile, it’s no surprise that Maru has even been given the honor of representing Mie Prefecture as their tourism ambassador.


Maru is on every corner and in everyone’s heart. Ono produces mugs, books to sell them at her shop, where Marus’ face can be seen everywhere you look for it. And after realizing how many pets are out there with the need for help, Ono decided to donate the revenue to animal rescue groups.


When Maru and Ono are together, they’re like two halves of a whole. When one needs the other most- their bond is unbreakable. It almost feels like Maru has changed Ono’s personality. Before they met, he was very shy and reserved, but now that people are approaching him on the street, it makes communicating much more effortless.


Who would have thought that the run-of-the-mill, unassuming dog once ignored in a pet shop now has his own store and can be found popping up on everyone’s Instagram feed!  His smiling face that couldn’t get anyone’s attention before can surely reel them in with just one picture these days generating thousands of likes.


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