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Humans are always looking for new adventures. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a furry friend by your side! Whether it be an elaborate road trip across the country or just taking in some scenic scenery, having someone who loves and understands exactly what you’re feeling is invaluable when embarking on any type of exciting journey.


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A quick scroll through Instagram will show us all that pets aren’t only man’s best friends but also have caught onto this whole traveling bug thingy. The photos you can find on social media of humans traveling with their furry companions will provide some epic inspiration for anyone who has ever dreamed of packing up and going on an adventure with their pet pooch or cat at heart! 


Felix the Samoyed is one of those travel-loving dogs who is constantly out on expeditions with his human companions. With a heavily built fur coat that looks like it is made out of snowy cotton- what’s not to love about this dog? The best part is his adventurous nature and how he always seems ready for an adventure with his humans by his side! This adorable little dog is always willing to go on a journey. He’s got the energy of a pup with his tail wagging nonstop and tongue lolling out. To say that this Samoyed is cuddly would be an understatement. He’s affectionate and loving, always wanting to give you the best paw shake or lick your face!


Felix has been to more places than anybody can remember. He’s a global explorer with an insatiable curiosity who can’t stop until he sees it all, and he is sure not done with exploring yet! No wonder he’s craving for more adventures! The globe-trotting life is what makes him happy. Even though he’s traveled to 32 countries across it – like Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, Monaco, and many other places- Felix is nowhere close to being done. 


The adventurous and curious four-legged petfluencer, who also has an Instagram handle called ‘wanderlust_samoyed,’ accompanies his pet parents Julia and Sven on their incredible journeys.

A love for exploring is something that can’t be taught by any means; it just runs deep in some people’s DNA! This pup shares his human parents’ passion for discovery because he gets to tag along with them when they go on adventures together or just take pictures of all the cool things happening outside.


Imagine a world without Felix! A lonely one. He’s the social media sensation who has over 195 thousand followers and inspires people everywhere to think about self-reflection, happiness, or even detoxification in order to make beautiful memories.


Felix is also active on TikTok, where he has almost 500 thousand followers.  He’s a furry fella with an eye for the camera. Trust me when I tell you that if there is one thing this guy knows how to do- it’s to pose for photos! From dressing up in all sorts of outfits and even doing video shoots – Felix will make sure any picture taken turns into something worth seeing.

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