Coconut Rice Bear

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The Coconut Rice Bear is a furry friend that will not hesitate to share her personality with you. She’s so chatty, funny, and charming in the way only dogs can be! You probably never thought you would hear such a lively and talkative fur baby. Coconut, with her trademark white hair that covers most of her like cotton candy or maybe snow on an igloo, is one pup who will keep you entertained for hours! Even when Coconut was small, her fuzzy fur had the softest and dreamiest touch! Either way, this bundle of joy will talk your ears off without ever running out of jokes. And you won’t be able to help yourself from laughing at all the hilarious Coconut pictures she shares online.


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This uniquely adorable female, Samoyed, was born in Canada on July 11, 2015, and currently lives in San Francisco with her owner, Chuck Lai.


Coconut Rice Bear is the ultimate online inspiration. Her contagious laughter and overall happiness made her an internet favorite. But, it’s not just that she posts inspirational messages on social media – every single one of these motivational captions makes you want to share your own joy with everyone!


Coconut is a one-of-a-kind celebrity online. She is the type of dog who can be spotted on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites with thousands of followers from around the world! She also got a good eye for where the future of content lives and therefore is very active on the short-video sharing app TikTok!  Coconut is also no stranger to the wide world of business. She’s worked with several big and small companies over her years in this industry – all while helping them design products that are better for our furry friends!


This big silly ball of fluff is a high-earning internet star who just goes from one sponsorship to the next. She makes money for her human Lai in all different ways, from doing sponsorships and making appearances at events or even just by posting on social media!


When Lai first got Coconut in 2015, he started an account for her so that they could capture all the fun and incredible adventures from their life together. However, it is hard not to fall in love with Coconut, and as time went on, more and more people noticed this adorable dog. The number of followers quickly grew into multiple thousands of pet lovers who just couldn’t get enough of Coconut’s charm. 


Coconut has a lot of energy. She is always on the go and never fails to give us some motivation with her infectious smile!

 It doesn’t matter what distractions may come up. Coconut always stays focused. She’s like a laser beam, always on target and unstoppable if you get in her way! Coconut rules the roost with her adorable authoritative attitude. With an appearance and personality like that, it is no wonder Coconut is such a powerful force in the social media world who manages to attract everyone’s attention!

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