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The incredible duo of Harlow and Sage were the oddest friends you could ever hope to meet!  Though Harlow the Weimaraner and Sage, his little Dachshund buddy, weighed 40 pounds apart, this didn’t stop them from becoming best friends who loved to spend time together! It’s no surprise that these oddballs were the best of friends! These two dogs loved each other deeply. From roughing it out in nature to cuddling up for bedtime each night, they were always there with one another no matter what came their way!


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These two friends were gallant and loyal companions until Sage passed away in 2013 due to old age. Harlow was heartbroken when her best friend Sage passed away; however, that didn’t dampen Harlow’s spirit. In fact, it gave her a new lease of life and roused her from slumber for more adventures ahead!


Some time passed after Sage’s passing until Harlows’ parents, Brittni Vega and Jeff, came home carrying this little bundle with them one day.

It was a Dachshund puppy named Indiana that quickly stole the show with her. Harlows was not so sure about this new addition at first, an upbeat personality, an endless supply of humor, and lots of charm! 

But as time passed, their relationship became stronger and better than ever before. The bond between Harlow and Indiana is strong. They can’t get enough of each other, even when playing dress-up in fun costumes or cuddling together! 


The perfect trio was completed after just one year with the addition of another member to their furry crew. When the dogs first saw the extremely sweet Miniature Dachshund Reese Lightning, they weren’t sure what to make of it. But that little dog’s eyes got them in a bind! Reese was adored by everyone, so they just couldn’t help but let her into their club, and soon enough, the three dogs were so in sync that they couldn’t even help but form their little pack and become best friends! Their owners made sure to capture photos of those adorable moments and post everything on their Instagram for all to see!


The parents of these three lovely dogs, Brittni and Jeff, have always had a love for animals, so it was no surprise that they eventually decided to open up their home as an alternative place of safety in 2017. Since then, they have welcomed over twenty animals at The Harlowday Inn while waiting patiently until it is time that these vulnerable kiddos find a new owner! The Harlowday Inn is a haven for the lost and lonely, where many pets have found themselves with nowhere else to go.


One of those pets that stayed at the Harlowday Inn was a dog named Ezra. 


When four-week-old Ezra was found frozen to the ground during winter, he couldn’t have had more luck. After being rescued by Nuzzles & Co., Harlow’s house became his forever home together with his three big sisters!


The latest addition to the gang was Mae. Nowadays, you can find all of them together with their owners on their Instagram page, where they have more than 1.7 million pet-loving fans.

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