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Upfluence Review 2022 | Pricing, Features, Competitors, Pros & Cons

If you’ve been doing influencer marketing for a while, you’ll know that it’s tough to find the right influencers best associated with your brand. At that point, you’ll be in dire need of scaling and optimizing your search process to find the right influencers

Manual search can be slow and tedious, but we have some good news. There are dozens of tools out there that’ll make your job much easier! With all the options you could leverage in your search, the most popular and widely used software currently is Upfluence. 

upfluence review

Upfluence currently positions itself as a leading influencer marketing platform for e-commerce, yet they do much more than that. In short, Upfluence is a platform where you can find relevant influencers for your brand, which will help you reach your marketing goals quicker. 

When used to its fullest potential, Upfluence helps scale your influencer marketing campaign and generate higher sales, brand awareness, and conversions. Its software has influencer databases from more than 150 countries on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest, and more.

We won’t spoil all the fun just yet. We will cover everything you need in this comprehensive Upfluence review. More specifically, we will discuss the following:

  • Upfluence Features 
  • Upfluence Pricing
  • Upfluence Competitors
  • Upfluence Pros & Cons
  • Upfluence Extension
  • Upfluence Creators

If you want to learn all there is to know about Upfluence, then fasten your seatbelts and keep on reading through.

Upfluence overview

As one of the leading platforms for finding relevant influencers, communicating with them, and managing your influencer marketing campaigns, Upfluence is a terrific option for most businesses. Upfluence pricing is only available through inquiry. So, you’ll need to get in touch with them to find out what it’ll cost you. This hints that it’s not as affordable as you might think. 


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In general, it makes more sense to work with them once you start running multiple simultaneous campaigns. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we dive in deep, let’s talk about “what is Upfluence?” and “how does Upfluence work?”

What is Upfluence?

Founded in 2013, Upfluence is a relatively new company. Nevertheless, they already work with the world’s largest companies. So, what’s so special about it? What is Upfluence?

Upfluence claims to be the “best influencer marketing platform,” and they live up to it. Essentially, Upfluence is an end-to-end solution that lets you find, communicate, and run campaigns with influencers from all over the world. They also handle project management, payments, tracking, and ROI calculations. What more could you want from a platform?

what is upfluence


Upfluence has different value propositions for brands, agencies, and nonprofits, not to mention – Upfluence creators. 

Ultimately, Upfluence is a bespoke solution with a marketplace and CRM system, helping you manage your influencer marketing campaigns every step of the way. 

How does Upfluence work?

Now that you know what Upfluence is, it’s time to understand how Upfluence works. The tool is so comprehensive that you can make it work however you want. Nevertheless, let’s define a usual flow.

If you’ve already talked with their account managers and purchased a subscription, it’s time to head to the Upfluence login page. From there, you can get started with integrating your ecommerce tool or other social platforms.

Once all the setups are complete, these are the usual steps you will take.

  1. Search for relevant influencers for your brand.
  2. Create a list of your favorites, then connect with them with Upfluence influencer outreach.
  3. Send products and start collaborating.
  4. Keep track of all campaigns in one centralized dashboard.
  5. Complete influencer payments with one go, under one invoice.
  6. Measure ROI and learn from insights.
How does Upfluence work?

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The advantage of the Upfluence software is that it compiles all the necessary tools for combining all your influencer marketing efforts into one platform, similar to a CRM. For example, you don’t need to have a separate bulk email messaging tool because it’s already included in the software. Moreover, it provides analytics and helps to track campaign performance and ROI.

Is Upfluence legit?

Yes! Although some influencer marketing platforms may be sketchy, Upfluence is one of the most reliable and reputable software solutions in the market. It is trusted by many major companies like Amazon, Asics, Verizon, and more.

Upfluence Pricing

Let’s get to the juicy part of this Upfluence review – the Upfluence Pricing plans. How much does Upfluence cost? Essentially, Upfluence sells subscription packages with a minimum contract length of 12 months. 

For a product you must commit to for at least 12 months, does Upfluence offer a free trial? No, but they will offer demos when presenting their product to you. After all, you must see the product in action to decide whether it is worth it specifically for you and your brand.

Does Upfluence take a fee? Aside from a yearly subscription fee and influencer payments, you’re not likely to encounter other costs when using Upfluence. 

upfluence pricing

Even though they feature their packages and their contents on their website, they still don’t disclose their prices. If you are serious about getting to know the solution better, you’ll need to contact them and arrange a call. This suggests that the prices are at the higher end of the spectrum.

If you represent a brand or an agency, you’re not likely to be scared by bigger numbers since the platform also provides immense value. 

Let’s take a look at each package:

  • Growth

With only 2 seats, basic integrations, no team collaboration tools, API access, or dedicated account manager, this package is for individual brands. Since you won’t be running hundreds of simultaneous influencer marketing campaigns, this Upfluence Pricing plan will accommodate your basic needs. 

Since Upfluence offers corporate solutions, you might even be able to negotiate and include a custom feature you need.

  • Scale

The second Upfluence Pricing plan is for businesses looking to not just grow but scale their business with influencer marketing. Including just 5 seats, no API access, or white labeling, this package includes almost everything else you might need.

If you represent a bigger agency running many simultaneous influencer marketing campaigns with the aim of skyrocketing, this package is for you.

  • Enterprise

Last but not least, Upfluence Pricing packages include an Enterprise option for businesses looking to not only engage in influencer marketing but leverage brand ambassadors to their full potential.

This Upfluence Pricing plan includes everything you could want. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who can help you with anything you need. Get in touch with Upfluence, and they will match you with your ideal Upfluence pricing plan.

Influencer payments

Unlike other platforms, Upfluence sets the rate of each influencer based on an algorithm they use. Influencers don’t get to choose their own prices. Instead, the Upfluence algorithm evaluates their profile in real-time and gives a $ rate according to the performance. 

You can also negotiate deals with influencers to pay them in products or a hybrid of products and money.

Note: If you ever want to become an Upfluence Creator, click here to find out more.

Upfluence Features

As the bespoke solution it is, Upfluence features not only influencer discovery and analysis solutions but also plenty of other useful tools within its platform. Do you need ecommerce tools? You got it! Want to manage your campaign workflow and complete influencer payments? Easy!

Sounds useful, right? Let’s move on with this Upfluence review and talk about the best Upfluence features you should know about.

One of the first Upfluence features that we couldn’t ignore in this Upfluence review is the influencer search system.

Upfluence is a platform that allows you to search and find an influencer from a 3M database with 82B social reach. You can filter your search based on geolocation, engagement rate, audience demographics, keywords, just to name a few from its 20-plus categories.

upfluence search

Open keyword research is one of the advantages of this software. It allows you to combine more than one keyword within a search to better help you select a follower base and specify your targeted research. For example, you can combine keywords that refer to the same category, such as hiking, backpack, and discover. The results will help you discover relevant influencers who best relate to these keywords, which in effect, will be better for your brand.

The right side of the screen shows how many influencers match the search. You can then filter which platform you specifically want to target within the seven social networks provided from the results. The cool thing is that the search includes many platforms, including social networks and different blogs. 

If you’re looking to get even more specific, you can choose to only view influencers who have linked their email with their accounts; just to show you how detailed you can get with your influencer search on the platform.

After you’ve compiled your list of influencers, you can view their names, profile picture, bio, last three posts, and three important social networks. 

If someone stands out to you and you want to see a little bit more information, you can click on their photo, which will bring you details such as how many followers they have on their social networks. 

Upfluence Extension for Chrome

We know what you’re thinking. Along with all these paid features, is there a free version of Upfluence? The answer is yes! They have a free Chrome extension that’ll give you advanced insights into an influencer’s profile. The Upfluence Extension is called Influencer Analytics by Upfluence, and it’s free to download and use.

Where’s the catch? Well, the only downside to the free Upfluence Extension is that you have a daily limit. But even with these limitations, you’ll still be able to analyze the Instagram account of an influencer and get the necessary insights for your research.

The Upfluence extension shows you information about an influencer’s engagement, the estimated price for a post, as well as other social media platforms they are associated with. On top of that, it provides analytics on their audience demographics, insights, and post performance. 

Social listening with Upfluence

Social listening is another valuable feature we will cover in this Upfluence review. If you had to track each and every influencer separately before, Upfluence solves that issue. 

With its powerful social listening tool, you can double-check whether your outreach and collaborations with influencers are going well. By collecting your brand mentions all over social media platforms, Upfluence can track which influencers perform better than others.

Social listening with Upfluence

Upfluence social listening also allows you to track keywords of your choice and generate posts featuring the selected keywords to stay relevant. Moreover, it creates a summary page showing how often specific searches have been seen in articles, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms.

The cherry on top – Upfluence also measures the overall reach and earned media value for each topic. 

Integrate with other marketing apps

Another key advantage you get with Upfluence is integration with other apps and software. Whether you want to connect the platform with your ecommerce tool stack (Shopify, WooCommerce) or integrate your email marketing apps (MailChimp, Google, Outlook), go right ahead.

upfluence integration

This flexible approach allows Upfluence to deliver a holistic platform for managing influencer marketing. Plus, it becomes easier to migrate to this platform without the need to completely change your workflows.

Upfluence Ecommerce Integration

An especially cool tool we wanted to discuss in this Upfluence review is integration with ecommerce. This may sound ordinary, but when you connect your store with Upfluence, you get the ability to search for influencers who are within your customer database. Influencer marketing relies on authenticity, and what can be more authentic than working with your own customers?

Other Upfluence features

The number of features offered by Upfluence is too many to count. So, here are just a couple of the ones we love:

  • Influencer Management – Get a centralized dashboard to manage all your partners in one central location. You can even save your favorites, give them personalized promo codes, and more.
  • Product Seeding – Let influencers choose the products they want to promote, and set up working conditions (paid, product, hybrid).
  • Campaign Workflow Management – Manage all your campaigns with tracking labels and progress metrics from one dashboard.
  • Influencer Payments – Pay all your influencer partners in one go, with just one invoice.
  • Campaign Analytics – Easily measure your ROI with deep insights and performance reports.

Upfluence comparison

When choosing an expensive software solution that you have to use for at least 12 months, it would be wise to look for some alternatives and check out comparisons with other platforms. That’s why we gathered the top Upfluence alternatives to help you decide between platforms.

What are the alternatives to Upfluence? Let’s look at Upfluence vs ViralMango, Upfluence vs Influence.co, Upfluence vs Shoutcart, Upfluence vs Klear, and Upfluence vs CreatorIQ.

Upfluence vs ViralMango

ViralMango Sign up

One of the popular Upfluence alternatives is ViralMango. The platform streamlines the whole campaign management process. Brands create their campaign with specific requirements and wait for creators to discover and apply for them. The collaboration is fully managed on the platform from creator filtering to the final post approval. Once the collaboration is done, creators get paid automatically from the campaign budget.

The difference: Upfluence and ViralMango offer different solutions to the same problem. Upfluence offers a built-in CRM for creator outreach, ViralMango minimizes the need for negotiation while also offering a built-in chat with creators that brands collaborate with. Another major difference is the price. Upfluence is a subscription-based platform. On ViralMango, brands pay per campaign. The whole budget is distributed among the creators who participate in the campaign.

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Upfluence vs Influence.co

Influence.co is among the top Upfluence alternatives. Similar to Upfluence, Influence.co provides a platform for discovering, contacting, and managing influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns. Influence.co doesn’t only allow you to find relevant influencers but also enables influencers to apply for collaborations with you.

Upfluence vs Influence.co

Here’s another upside with Influence.co – you can view their pricing packages without requesting a quote. Plus, you can use the platform for free with limited capabilities. Upgrading to Pro will cost you around $600.

The difference:: Upfluence and Influence.co offer similar solutions. However, Influence.co discloses its pricing packages right on their website. Upfluence is a little more on the higher end. Either way, if you’re struggling to decide between the two, send both of them an inquiry and let them pitch to you. It’ll come down to how accommodating they are to your specific business needs.

Upfluence vs Shoutcart

Another popular Upfluence alternative is Shoutcart. Although Shoutcart works very differently from Upfluence, it’s still a platform for influencer marketers. Essentially, Shoutcart allows you to purchase shoutouts from influencers all over the world. They have a very efficient search tool and focus on minimizing the need for negotiations.

With Shoutcart, all you need to do is find the influencer you want to work with, send them the shoutout materials (images, texts, etc.), and make a payment. As opposed to Upfluence, Shoutcart influencers set their own prices.

upfluence vs shoutcart

Upfluence vs Shoutcart pricing is very different. While with Upfluence you’d need to request a quote, Shoutcart simply offers 3 subscription packages. You can either use the platform for free but pay $10 or 10% of every purchase or choose between the 2 other business packages – Startup ($49/month) or Pro ($99/month).

The difference: Upfluence vs Shoutcart are extremely different, whether it comes to pricing, business model, or target audience. Shoutcart is for businesses that need a quick fix, while Upfluence takes a long time to onboard your business and start running influencer marketing campaigns.

Upfluence vs Klear

Another main Upfluence alternative is Klear. Klear is also a platform where you can manage your influencer marketing operations. It features an extensive search system and helps you reach out and keep up conversations with influencers on their platform through a CRM. Plus, you get to measure your results, and understand what worked and what didn’t.

upfluence vs klear

Upfluence vs Klear pricing is pretty similar. Just like with Upfluence, you’ll need to get in touch with Klear to be offered a quote. As you can already tell, both solutions are not for brands with small budgets.

The difference: While Klear is a platform for finding influencers and managing your influencer marketing campaigns, Upfluence takes it one step further. Upfluence is focused on helping E-commerce brands boost their sales through influencer marketing. They provide product seeding options, hybrid payments, and more.

Upfluence vs CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is another popular Upfluence alternative. Compared to other platforms, it offers advanced solutions for influencer marketing. It provides brands with a white-labeled platform where they can manage all their campaigns and collaborate with creators.

Like Upfluence, they provide advanced influencer discovery tools that brands can use to find relevant creators and invite them to join their custom platform.

As for the price, they don’t disclose it on their website. Each brand gets a custom quote based on their needs.

The difference: While choosing between these two tools, you need to consider whether you need a custom solution for your campaigns, or just a tool to discover creators and reach out to them. To compare the prices, you need to request a quote from CreatorIQ.

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with Authentic UGC

Upfluence Pros & Cons

In our opinion, every review needs a good pros and cons list to finish it off. This Upfluence review is no exception. We’ve made up a thorough Upfluence pros and cons list to give you a brief summary. If you like the pros and don’t mind the cons, go right ahead and get in touch with Upfluence.

All-in-one influencer marketing toolPremium and unclear pricing
Ease of useNot a good fit for small brands
Wide network with immense reachQuestionable customer support quality
Individual approach to each brandMinimum 12-month subscription
Powerful integrationsNo mobile app

Upfluence: Final Review & Rating

Upfluence is one of the most recognizable influencer marketing solutions among marketers. They’ve been in the market for a long time and provide valuable software to brands that are willing to invest in an all-in-one solution. It is easy to use, combines many necessary tools, and makes your day-to-day easier. 

Sometimes great things come at a price. But sometimes, the price is worth it. Let’s wrap up this Upfluence review and give our final rating.

Do you remember what is Upfluence? That’s right – it’s a platform for managing every step of your influencer marketing campaigns, from finding the right influencers to paying them and tracking results. This end-to-end solution is meant for larger brands who are willing to invest in a powerful solution like Upfluence.



Upfluence pricing is no joke. You can briefly view the 3 subscription packages they offer, but if you want to find out their prices, you’ll need to request a quote. 

Note: The minimum length of a contract with Upfluence is 12 months. 

The platform is ideal for ecommerce brands thanks to its ecommerce integrations. Essentially, they allow you to search among your actual customers and find authentic influencers to work with.

Last but not least, the platform is known to be easy to use. What more could you want from a solution? Although its value for the price is questionable, it can totally work for you and your brand. 

If you’re looking for an affordable solution register at ViralMango today.

It’s a high-end solution with millions of influencers that would enable you to run, manage, and track many simultaneous influencer marketing campaigns for your medium to large business.

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