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Upfluence: Pricing, Use-Cases, Pros & Cons

When doing influencer marketing, it’s sometimes a necessity to scale and optimize the search process to find the right influencers that best associate with your brand. This process can be done manually, but sometimes, the use of external tools could really make a difference and render the best results. There are many options out in the market that you could leverage in your search, but the most popular and widely used software currently is Upfluence. 

Upfluence currently positions itself as a leading influencer marketing platform for e-commerce, yet they do much more than that. In short, Upfluence is a platform where you can find relevant influencers for your brand which will help you reach your marketing goals quicker. 

When used to its potential, Upfluence helps scale your influencer marketing campaign and have conversions whether it is sales or brand awareness. Its software has influencer databases from more than 150 countries on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest, and different blogs. 

Searches are done based on various filters such as geolocation, engagement rate, audience demographics, keywords, just to name a few from its 20-plus categories.

The advantage of the Upfluence software is that it compiles all the necessary tools for doing an effective influencer marketing into one platform. For example, you don’t need to have a separate bulk email messaging tool because it is already included in the software. Moreover, it provides analytics and helps to track campaign performance and ROI

Upfluence paid software and its features

Let’s talk about the most important features of Upfluence and how it can help you scale your influencer marketing campaign. 

Upfluence Search

As mentioned before, Upfluence is a platform that allows you to search and find an influencer from a 1.1M database with 81B social reach. You can break down the database by county, language and other different categories. Open keyword research is one of the advantages of this software. It allows you to combine more than one keyword within a search to better help you select a follower base and specify your targeted research. For example, you can combine keywords that refer to the same category such as hiking, backpack, and discover. The results will bring you relevant influencers who best relate to these keywords, which in effect, will be better for your brand.

On the right side of the screen, it shows how many influencers match the search. From the results, you can then filter which platform you specifically want to target within the seven social networks provided. The cool thing is that it not only does social networks but also allows you to search different blogs. And if you’re looking to get specific, you can select show only influencers who have linked their email with their accounts; just to show you how detailed you can get with your influencer search on the platform.

After you’ve compiled your list of influencers, it shows on the screen the name of an influencer, the profile picture, bio, the last three posts and three important social networks. Important in terms of follower base and engagement. If someone stands out to you and you want to see a little bit more information, you can click on their photo which will bring you details such as how many followers they have on their social networks. 

Upfluence Emailing tool

One of the most impressive features they offer on their platform is the ability to create a curated email campaign from your list of influencers with just one click. The emailing tool allows you to customize your pitch in an effective way and a customized CRM technique helps you manage all the sent emails and further correspondence.

Upfluence Social listening tool

Another important and useful feature of Upfluence is that it offers monitoring which they call social listening. To double-check whether your outreach and collaboration with your influencers is going well, social listening generates all of your mentions that your brand has on social media. Upfluence also shows which influencers perform better and which ones not.

Aside from this specific monitoring, you can also track keywords of your choice and then generate all the posts that feature the selected keywords, even if they’re in a different language. Moreover, it creates a summary page where it shows how many times specific searches have been seen in articles, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms. Not only that but Upfluence also tells the overall reach and earned media value. 

Upfluence extension

Although all of the features we’ve mentioned are paid, Upfluence does have some free features which include an extension. The only thing is that these features have daily limitations. But even with these limitations, you’ll still be able to analyze the Instagram account of an influencer and get necessary insights for your research.

The Upfluence extension shows you information about an influencer’s engagement, the estimated price for a post, as well as other social media platforms they are associated with. On top of that, it provides analytics on their audience demographics, insights, and post performance. 

Upfluence Pros and Cons

Upfluence Pros: Maybe one of the most distinguishable and useful features is that Upfluence is an all-in-one tool/software that easily helps manage your influencer marketing campaign in terms of search, emailing, and monitoring. Its ease of use and accuracy are the most mentioned pros according to users. Though it’s mentioned that their customer support is a great advantage, some users don’t agree, stating that they have difficulties with contacting them. But aside from this, Upfluence provides users with more than one tool in one place which makes your life easier, and your workflow more efficient.

Upfluence Cons: Obviously, one of the problems the Upfluence has is the pricing. It is priced very high and isn’t too affordable for small brands and even for some marketing agencies. Another issue that users mention is that the database is not big enough and you still have to do some manual work; the point being that you cannot always find the right influencer you are looking for. Lastly, as we mentioned above, users have complained that their customer support does not always work effectively. 

So, what is Upfluence?

Upfluence is one of the most recognizable software among marketers who are interested in influencer marketing. They have been in the market for a long time and provide really useful and effective software. It is easy to use, combines many necessary tools, and makes your day-to-day easier. But as the saying goes, sometimes great things come at a price. But sometimes, the price is worth it. 

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