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Your End-to-end Influencer Marketing Solution

  • Discover creators
  • Manage your influencer campaigns
  • Analyze the results

Nurture Customer Relationships to Drive Value

  • Turn creators into brand ambassadors
  • Drive value through authentic content
  • Boost brand awareness and increase sales
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Why Work
Micro & Nano-influencers?

  • Real Influencers
    Work with real influencers, not fakes and bots.
  • High Engagement
    Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • More ROI
    Connect with the right audience to boost sales.

What Will You Get?


With ViralMango, you can create social media marketing campaigns on Instagram. TikTok and YouTube will be available soon.

You don’t have to manually find and connect with influencers. On ViralMango, all you need to do is to create a campaign. Your campaign will appear in the Marketplace where creators can find it and apply for it.

Micro and Nano-influencers have a higher engagement rate than influencers with more followers. They have a small but loyal follower base that is ready to take action based on their recommendations. Besides, they are more approachable, authentic, and cost-effective. They can help to boost brand awareness and increase sales by becoming brand ambassadors.

On ViralMango, the minimum campaign budget is $500. This will be enough to run your first campaign and scale it based on the results.

You don’t have to manually find and connect with influencers. On ViralMango, all you need to do is to create a campaign with all your requirements. Creators who match your requirements will find it in their Marketplace and apply for it. Then, you can accept the creators you want to work with and manage the whole process–from content draft creation to final approval of the post–through our platform. The built-in chat will help you communicate with creators and streamline the process.

ViralMango supports cash-only campaigns and mixed compensation (cash+gifting). Cash-only campaigns reduce the turnaround time, while the campaigns that include product seeding might take longer to complete and involve some risks. Product seeding, or influencer gifting, is when a brand sends its products to creators for free and gets a review on social media or other platforms.

On ViralMango, the brand creates a campaign with a certain budget and adds funds to the campaign balance. These funds get distributed among the accepted creators automatically by the platform when they complete the campaign and get the final approval. The compensation amount per creator is decided by the system based on their engagement rate and other factors. The remaining campaign budget that was not distributed will be transferred back to the brand’s balance.