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How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Brand

Want to run an influencer marketing campaign but don’t know where and how to start looking for the right Instagram influencers? And, how to find them without breaking the bank?

Well, if you are an active social media user, you may already have a good idea who the best influencers for your product are and it won’t take you long to find them. But what if you are a newbie and don’t have a big budget? Then you’re in the right place.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find Instagram influencers easily with a small budget. It includes 2 options: finding Instagram influencers using online tools, or doing it manually.

How to find Instagram influencers manually?

To find Instagram influencers manually, use the basic process described below. It includes researching and finding influencers in your niche who will match all your requirements.

Keyword generation

Start with finding the right keywords. It is of utmost importance as it can determine the success of your whole campaign. This basically means that the more time you spend on coming up with relevant keywords, the easier it will be for you to find the right influencers. As the saying goes, preparation is the key to success. In our case, keyword generation is the stage that prepares you for research.

The question is: How are you going to generate those keywords?

You can do this either manually, by writing down all the relevant keywords that come to your mind and describe your product, or you can use online keyword generation tools such as Related words, Keywordtool, Connectio, or Keywords Everywhere to help you do the job. With these tools, you can type the right keyword, for instance, “dog” if you are going to promote a Pet product, and they will suggest related keywords, hashtags, or Instagram accounts.

keyword generation
keyword generation tools


Once your keyword list is ready, you can start your research, which is the second important stage in the process of finding Instagram influencers manually. You can do manual research directly on Instagram and Google.

  • Start with a simple Google search

Whenever you start your search, use specific phrases like “Top Fitness Influencers on Instagram” or “Top Lifestyle influencers you should follow”. Google is smart enough to understand that you are looking for some listings and will suggest them to you.

manual search
  • Use hashtags to find relevant influencers

While doing manual research on Instagram, you can use your keyword list to search for relevant hashtags. Once you get the results, take a look at the posts that appear in the “Top Posts” of the hashtag. Those are the posts with the highest engagement rate, which means the users who shared them are influencers with huge networks.

hashtags to find influencers
  • Choose your influencers wisely

Before checking the profiles of different influencers, make a checklist of your requirements. It can include the number of their followers, the engagement rate, their location, gender, race, and many other characteristics you’re interested in.

When you find the perfect influencer profile, find their email address mentioned in their profile, a link to their own website, or any other additional contact information.

During your research, you’ll come across verified pages. Note that the verification tick on an account indicates that the page belongs to a popular person.

varified pages
  • How to find Instagram influencers near you?

To find Instagram influencers in your desired location, you can use the built-in Location search. There are 2 ways to use this feature. First, you can search for your desired location, go to the “Places” tab, and view the results. Second, if you want to view more posts from the same location of a certain post, click on the location field. You’ll see all the top and recent posts tagged with that location.

use locations while doing research
  •  Look through suggestions

When you find a relevant page, expand your research by exploring similar pages. To do this, click on the arrow near the “Follow” button, and voila!

The Instagram algorithm will suggest other similar profiles based on the niche of your preferred influencer, their follower base, the content they share, audience interest similarities, etc.

look through suggestions

How to find Instagram influencers with online tools

The number of tools and platforms that help brands with influencer discovery has dramatically increased in recent years. This means you have plenty of options to get started with your first influencer marketing campaign. With these tools, you can not only discover influencers for your campaign but also analyze their performance to choose the right ones.

Some tools like ViralMango provide end-to-end influencer marketing management solutions. So, when you sign up, you can create your campaign with all your requirements, discover influencers that match your needs, and manage the content creation process all in one place.

On ViralMango, influencers find your campaigns and apply for them. So, instead of manually finding influencers, you just choose from the ones that have already applied for your campaign and are interested in collaboration with your brand.

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with Authentic User-Generated Content

If you’re just getting started with influencer marketing, this platform is the right choice for you since it provides all the necessary tools to manage the whole process and analyze the results.

Discover, connect, and collaborate with influencers that give value to your brand. Use the right tools to run your influencer campaigns and get results that exceed your expectations. 

Let’s summarize all the above-mentioned!

Do a proper keyword generation and research before starting your influencer marketing activities. Going in the wrong direction and finding Influencers not relevant to your brand will not only be ineffective and costly but can also harm your brand.

So, the next time you make up your mind to run an influencer marketing campaign, you know where and how to find the influencers that can bring value to your brand.