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Influencer Marketing Tools You’ll Need to Nail Your Campaign

During the journey of Influencer marketing, you’ll need a handful of tools to accomplish the desired results efficiently and effectively. In this article, we’ll provide you with the influencer marketing tools we personally recommend, which will streamline your workflow process, saving you time and effort. The article covers all of the essential social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Besides Influencer marketing tools, we also included a variety of utilities such as outreach tools, data collection, and keyword generation tools. And of course a bonus list of other useful tools or extensions we find helpful.

Influencer Marketing tools

Find the best keywords for your influencer marketing campaign

Before starting your Influencer Marketing campaign and jumping to influencer marketing tools, it is important to have relevant keywords ready that will target a wider audience for specific topics. We’ve provided a few of the best keyword research tools below to help you get started.

  • Related words: This tool is really good for finding words related to the word or phrase you want. It gives synonyms and related words/phrases; it’s not based on SEO research, and it is one of the best keyword research tools.
find keywords related words
  • Keyworddit: This is a great keyword research tool provided by Reddit, which supplies originative keyword ideas from the site. Just type the subreddit and Keyworddit will bring relevant keywords from its titles and comments, including their monthly search volumes and the keyword in context.
keyword research reddit
  • Keywordtool: Find the best keywords based on their monthly search volumes on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, and more. You’ll find useful keywords in each section. For Instagram, it also provides Instagram accounts with the keyword you search.
  • Connectio: Connectio is a good solution for finding Facebook interests based on your keywords. On the free version, you have access to approximately 30 interests per keyword searched. If you use some of your most relevant keywords, you’ll have a large list of new interests ready to go. The aim of Connectio is to make your marketing efforts smarter.
  • Rhymezone: This easy-to-use tool has a great database of synonyms/relevant words to find the best keywords. Rhymezone also offers other cool features like a phrase finder, which incorporates selected keywords into phrases, further developing your keyword search.

Influencer Research Tools 

If you are a beginner in the influencer marketing world, we recommend you read on Instagram influencer marketing and Facebook influencer marketing tips and hacks to master the subject. In the process of compiling a list of research tools, we’ve provided a few free influencer search tools along with other influencer marketing tools which will also be extremely beneficial. Let’s start with a free Instagram influencer search tool.

Instagram influencer research tools 


  • Searchmybio: is a free Instagram influencer search tool that allows users to find influencers based on the information in their bios. This is its most distinct feature, and unique in that aspect since no other tool has the same utility.
    On top of that, it has the ability to filter out influencers based on their follower count and export the data that their users create within their account.
    Seeming you’ve found the right match, you can then use the platform to reach out to influencers and establish collaboration. The best part of it all… it’s free and easy.
influencer marketing tools
  • Mango Score Calculator: Mango Score is an influencer score calculator that helps you choose the right influencer based on various criteria. Influencers are rated from a range of 1-100 based on their influence in their niche. All you need is the username of the influencer, and from there, the influencer marketing tool will process the mango score along with the engagement rate, comment/like ratio, and number of followers. It is very important to pay attention to the proper criteria before choosing an influencer since the follower count is not enough of a metric to measure influence.
  • WeFind: This is a chrome extension for Instagram and YouTube that instantly shows the engagement rate, the average number of posts, comments, and likes. This is through a plug-in that appears whenever you are opening an Instagram account. WeFind also shows the engagement of each post when hovering on the post’s thumbnail on the feed. This will help accelerate the process, providing efficiency when searching for the right influencer for your campaign.
  • Heepsy:   Heepsy is an influencer marketing platform focused on Instagram and YouTube. It is a user-friendly influencer search tool‎ that will help you find influencers for your brand.
    Its attractive interface and convenient features such as the ability to filter out influencers based on location, category, engagement, and demographics are especially useful.
    The advanced metrics of the influencer marketing tool allows users to detect influencers with fake followers. Heepsy also provides the quality score of the influencer and the brand mentions. The last filter is especially useful for understanding the approximate value that an influencer can bring to your brand.
    Another good feature typical of this tool is that it allows a user to create and download a list of influencers. And the best part? It has a monthly subscription plan and the prices are rational.
influencer search tool heepsy

Facebook influencer research tools


  • Brand Collabs Manager: This is the official influencer marketing tool created by Facebook to make the collaboration between creators and brands easier. It is not only for Facebook influencers, they are trying to enlarge the scopes including Instagram as well.  After getting the advertiser approval you can investigate creators by their niche, using any keyword, and identifying their audience.
facebook influencers free search
  • This platform can be used to refine the search results from various social media platforms using smart filters and keywords. It uses advanced AI technology which allows it to constantly maintain a relevant database and up to date filters. makes it seamlessly easy to find influencers with relevant audiences. It also helps users to save time and the ease of use of the tool allows for higher productivity.

  • HYPR:  This influencer marketing tool provides you with a deeper analysis of influencers on Facebook and among other platforms. The advanced search engine of this tool filters out influencers based on keywords, audience criteria, and also the number of followers.
    Additionally, engagement rates and audience insights that can be gathered with the use of HYPR will make your influencer marketing campaign a lot more efficient and help you find influencers for your brand more effectively.
    Also, it has a big database which is a nice additional surprise. It’s a paid service, but with 100 free search opportunities, that’s enough to begin to love this tool and find top influencers.
find top influencers with hypr

Twitter influencer research tools

  • Followerwonk: This influencer marketing tool falls into the analytics category. It’s used on Twitter, and it can provide relevant information on users as well as trends. Though it’s primarily used by Twitter users interested in expanding their follower base, it’s still a great utility tool for influencer marketing. It allows you to find Twitter influencers based on a keyword used in their profile and in their bio. Followerwonk also possesses a number of filters to narrow down the findings; by location, preferences, views, etc. It’s very convenient for detecting Twitter influencers that cover very specific niches and markets, as it allows for a thorough analysis of the follower base of any particular user. On top of all of that, it features visual data which is very easy to read.
twitter influencers  followewonk
  • Buzzsumo is a content research tool that is also used to find Twitter influencers. The tool works by helping the user find top influencers according to their niches and categories. It also helps to analyze the engagement of the page/influencer. This last feature is especially useful because great engagement normally leads to positive results. 
    The cool thing about BuzzSumo is that although it’s a paid service, the platform offers a free 7-day trial period without having to attach a card, making it very appealing to test it out before choosing to purchase.

Pinterest influencer research tool

  • Pingroupie: This tool will help you with your Pinterest influencer marketing research. Pingroupie has a large database of Pinterest boards where you can search a niche or a keyword and get all the boards within their database. You can filter the results to show the descending number of followers, views, pins, and more. You can also choose to search the mentioned keyword in the board description. It also has a database of Pinterest influencers, which is a bit smaller, but again very useful as it provides the creator’s website, monthly views, viewer growth per day, and niche. Find more Pinterest tools here.
pinterest influencer finder Pingroupie

Data collecting tools

  • GrowMeOrganic: This influencer marketing tool is perfect for gathering Instagram profile information, emails, phone numbers, websites, business details, and a lot more. You can collect a targeted database of influencers by digging into accounts through its hashtag users, followers, followings, post likers, post commenters, and a custom list. GrowMeOrganic is super effective when finding influencers from a specific hashtag, and contacts from a custom list, just with one click.
influencer profile scraper growmeorganic
  • Kendo: While doing research on big media and influencers, you might find it difficult to find specific contact information. That’s where Kendo comes in. This is an extension that pops up every time you open a LinkedIn profile. On the right side of the web page, the pop-up will show the possible email of the LinkedIn user you are viewing. This makes it easy to search and connect with people and influencers alike who work within specific media channels or manage specific influencers.

Outreach tools

Once completing all of the data collection, it’s time to get started with the outreach. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so be sure to research and know how to not fail your outreach. Below are some tools to help you get the work done.


  • Streak: Streak is a CRM tool for Gmail with a box filled with many useful features like email tracking, bulk outreach, and email scheduling. The free plan allows the user to send up to 50 emails daily. There is a paid version, however, most of the useful features are available for free.
    Alongside the paid and free plan, there is also a two-week free trial during which you have access to all of the benefits of the paid version without having to attach a card.
    To send emails via Streak, first, the user must create a google spreadsheet and fill it with the appropriate emails and names. Next, the user needs to import the data into the pipeline which would be created earlier in Gmail.
  • Mailshake: It is widely known that cold email outreach is an essential part of influencer marketing.  With this in mind, here is one of the influencer outreach tools to make cold email outreach effortless and safe. One of the cool things about this influencer marketing tool is that it distributes emails specifically to a set schedule you’ve selected to avoid spam. The best part about this is that Mailshake automates the entire process which means that all of the sending and follow-ups are done automatically. The price of this tool starts at $59/monthly. 
outreach tools mailshake

Bonus: additional extensions/tools you’ll find useful 

  • Combin: is an Instagram automation tool with a 7-day free trial. It has different Instagram management features, but we use auto-commenter.  With Combin, you can choose a hashtag of your interest and auto-comment under the hashtagged posts. You can also leave comments under your followers/followings with this tool.
  • InstaDP: with this influencer marketing tool, you can save any story from a non-private account on Instagram. It is free and easy to use. Just type the influencer name and download the stories.
  • Checker Plus for Gmail: while managing an influencer marketing campaign, you might need several emails for better outreach and faster results. Managing them all in different tabs can become difficult. This extension helps keep all your Gmail accounts open in one place, where you can read, reply, write new emails, search, and use some of the other functions without having to open your Gmail.
  • Windscribe: As many pages on Facebook are available only in specific locations and are hidden from other locations, you’ll need a VPN changer to have access to all the pages in that specific country. You can change your location via this tool to any country available, and have access to larger audiences.
  • Insta Saver: As Instagram doesn’t allow to save photos or videos directly from the platform, this tool comes to help. It saves photos and videos from Instagram posts in high quality. You just need to send the link of the post in the channel and it will send the photo/video material and the caption of the post separately, and it becomes easy to save the material or copy the caption.

In a nutshell, the tools mentioned above will definitely streamline your influencer marketing. Though, it does not mean they’ll replace the manual work that is necessary for effective influencer marketing. However, with the help of these influencer marketing tools, one will have a lot more time focusing on new strategic ways to advance the marketing process.  To have productive and creative influencer marketing, one needs time to think of working strategies. These influencer marketing tools give users that extra space needed by automating some of the workflows, in the end, making life easier.

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