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CreatorIQ review

Doing influencer marketing for a long time levels up your expertise. 

Now you need more developed data and measurements instead of  the standard engagement rate and number of followers that your tools provide.

If this is your case, CreatorIQ can be the exact tool to get you the needed data. 

It was founded in 2014 by Igor Vaks, with itsIntelligence Cloud designed to facilitate data science-enabled creator discovery, streamline workflow, ensure brand safety, and drive meaningful measurement.

Among the famous brands that use CreatorIQ areAB Inbev, Airbnb, Calvin Klein, CVS, Disney, H&M, Sephora, and Unilever. With the help of this tool, they are able to  get the best outcomes for their influencer marketing ecosystem.

CreatorIQ: All you need to know from A to Z

So what is CreatorIQ?

It’s an advanced software product with lots of useful features. 
Below I’ll try to address the most key ones with their respective descriptions. 

So let’s first see what makes CreatorIQ different from other tools.

  • Intelligence

One of the main differences that sets CreatorIQ apart from other tools is its intelligence. As I mentioned above, thanks to its intelligence, CreatorIQ makes it easy to do creator discovery, streamlines processes, etc.  

Now let’s move to the features. 

  • Features

Here are the main features of CreatorIQ.

  1. Creator discovery
  2. Campaign workflow
  3. Social CRM
  4. Reporting
  1. Creator Discovery

CreatorIQ allows you  to discover creators in many ways. With this tool you can actually  track any public social profile in the world. Search  creators by topic, categorization, and a variety of demographic filters such as location, age, gender, ethnicity, affinities and more. You decide.

In the advanced search section you can also search via image, bio and name.

Once campaign managers find the creators that match their criteria, they can look at things like recent posts, key metrics, audience (which includes the active audience score) etc. Also CreatorIQ shows whether this creator worked with your competitor brands or not, which is great I think, as sometimes when handling big influencer marketing campaigns we may reach out to influencers, and then find out that they have worked with our competitors.

And when finding one creator that matches all your criterias platform suggests you 20 more creators with the same criterias. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Social CRM

After selecting the discovered influencers the next step is social CRM which is a place where all the creator data is kept secure within a simple system of record. The CRM includes additional reach insights: a full breakdown of a creators’ social media platforms, a deeper look of an influencer audience and much more.

  •  Reporting

From the moment the campaign is created, and everything is okay, here comes the reporting part which CreatorIQ generates automatically. Most of the reports include these sections.

  1. A summary of key metrics achieved by all participants within that campaign
  2. Additional custom metric reports
  3. Top creators and their highest performing content
  4. Additional breakdowns for aggregate audiences or link tracking
  5. Paid media reporting, which allows to compare your organic and paid performance side by side

So CreatorIQ allows you to get everything you need within the platform which will increase your influencer marketing campaign results and make your workflow much easier.

Pros and Cons

Pros: CreatorIQ is a very advanced influencer marketing software with many great features to ease your workflow. If you have done an influencer marketing campaign you will surely agree that it takes a lot of time and effort to get the maximum results you seek.
CreatorIQ provides all the needed information about the creators, automates everything you have to do manually. 

It has a huge database of creators where you can find any creator of any niche and collaborate with them within your campaign.

Cons: CreatorIQ doesn’t provide much information about the software if you are not a user. 

You need to sign up and watch a short demo video to understand what the platform is about. 

If you need more information and want to elaborate more you can request a demo with one of their specialists.

You also can’t find any information about the price on the website. Only during the call it will be possible to get all the information about the software including the pricing.

To conclude, CreatorIQ is a perfect tool for brands and for experts to manage their influencer marketing campaigns and find everything they need in one place. 
If you seek to manage many influencer marketing campaigns, organize everything easier, and get the ultimate results you are in the right place. 

In this short article we have tried to cover all the basic things we think will be necessary for you.  Hopefully we’ve managed to provide useful information, now it’s up to you to make the right decision.

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