Japanese food bloggers

Top 10 Japanese food bloggers

Japanese food bloggers are the new Hollywood stars of social media. Being famous for their cuisine, it’s no wonder that they’ve filled the internet with recipes. They post pictures and videos on Instagram that make your mouth water, boasting epic dishes and elaborate recipes from a country rich in culinary tradition. From traditional sushi to fusion takes on classic American favorites like pizza rolls, Japanese food blogs will make your stomach grumble in anticipation!

So, let me guess why you’re here. You’ve just opened a Japanese restaurant and you’re looking for the coolest influencers to raise awareness.. No, no, you’re a foodie enthusiastic about Japanese cuisine and want to learn from the best. Ooh even better, you’re a Japanese food blogger yourself and you want to check if you’re on the list or not.

Anyway, whoever you are, if you’re even a little bit interested in Japanese food bloggers, correction, Japanese TOP food bloggers, in learning more about them, this article is for you.

Stay tuned to find the best Japanese food bloggers, discover some juicy details about them and get an understanding of why you should consider collaborating with them.

Here we go exploring some of the Japanese best-kept secrets on this week’s show!

Kurashiru Cooking

No.1 free recipe blog is a favorite site for budding chefs and amateur cooks alike, with over 10 million downloads of its mobile application! Kurashiru provides recipes from many different cuisines based on the user’s preferences but also offers food delivery services as well as meal planning and grocery shopping services for those who might not have time to cook or shop themselves. If you’re looking for some new tasty dishes that are simple enough even beginners can master them without fuss, check out this awesome app today – they’ve got tons more than just delicious cooking tutorials too so there’s something in it for everyone!



Delish Kitchen is a smartphone application that offers recipes, seasonal events and party videos. DelishKitchen was founded just years ago in 2016 after recognizing the need for quick video tutorials on social media platforms which were increasingly being accessed by millions of people.

Delicious kitchen strives to offer fresh inspiration with their Recipe Videos where they provide informative food-centric content geared towards those who want easy solutions without having to break out cookbooks or go through hours upon hours of YouTube footage hunting down specific dishes.


Akiko Lawson

Akiko Lawson is a Japanese food blogger who grew up in Canada and now lives between Tokyo, Japan. Her blog features creative recipes with traditional ingredients like miso or wakame seaweed from her family’s home country.

Akiko’s love for cooking started in childhood. Her father was a chef so she would help him in the kitchen and eventually learned how to cook herself from watching him make his dishes. He taught her many of the recipes that she uses now, including their favorite: Apple Pie!

When it came time for college, Aiki knew that culinary school would be one of her top choices because even though she studied math throughout high school, being able to cook professionally sounded much more appealing than sitting


Tesshi tmytsm

Tesshi is an inspiring Japanese food blogger who uses her recipes to teach people about the flavors of Japan. She showcases dishes that are simple and easy-to-make at home, but also has a full section dedicated to traditional holiday meals like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day dinners so you can have your favorite foods anytime!

Tesshi creates blog posts for all types of culinary enthusiasts with many different interests: from novice cooks looking for inspiration in their kitchen; parents on a budget cooking wholesome family favorites; those planning dinner parties or entertaining guests as they learn new skills such as knife work techniques or which sake pairs best with sushi rolls. 


Hitomi Kawakami

Hitomi Kawakami is the quintessential Japanese food blogger. She lives in Tokyo, and her blog features dozens of home-cooked dishes with accompanying photographs that evoke a sense of purity to them all. Her writing style has been described as detached from emotion while still achieving an airy tone of warmth and love for cooking; not even the most seasoned cook could resist reading through one recipe after another!


Gucci Fuufu

Gucci_Fuufu is a Japanese food blogger with more than 750K followers on Instagram and over 35 million views, who posts recipes for traditional Japanese cuisine

Gucci Fuufu has been an avid cook since she was old enough to hold spoons! Her repertoire includes traditional dishes from all over Japan as well as some of her own creations. But she doesn’t just post pictures of sushi rolls or soy sauce – this self-taught genius also takes time to share how living gluten-free helps to give her life meaning!

In addition to being an award-winning food stylist and cookbook author, she also teaches cooking classes around Tokyo!


Masaki Higuchi

Masaki Higuchi is a Japanese food blogger with over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Masaki has been blogging about his travels and recipes for more than five years now while he’s traveled the world to new places in search of good eats. From Tokyo dogs smothered in chili sauce to tandoori chicken from India; Masaki loves it all!

Masaki Higuchi’s famous for his selfie-worthy dishes and witty captions. He’ll also mention the backstory of each dish, which helps non-Japanese speakers better appreciate Japan’s culture.


Steph and Mike

Steph and Mike are two passionate Japanese food lovers who have a blog about their family’s favorite Japanese dishes, @Iamafoodblog.

Steph, the mother of three boys under five years old, is an avid food blogger with over 100 recipes on her site from around the world. Her husband Mike helps in preparing all these great meals for his hungry crew by giving them love as they cook together every day!

The blog focuses on bringing their love for Japanese cuisine to the internet. They believe that “food is our life.”  In order to establish themselves as experts in this field, they set out by finding restaurants with great dishes from around Japan; everything from soba noodles or sushi rice balls (onigiri) to takoyaki octopus dumplings.



Mizuki is a Japanese food blogger that showcases her skills and knowledge of cooking diverse traditional dishes from all over Japan. Her blog posts are filled with mouth-watering images that will make you crave a taste!

Mizuki_31cafe started blogging in 2009 after working for years as an accountant for one of Tokyo’s largest companies. This experience gave Mizuki access to some fantastic recipes which were passed along by coworkers who had traveled around different parts of Asia collecting these culinary gems. The delicate tastes can be seen on each dish she shares – whether it was made at home or during travels abroad (she presently works full time as well).

Mizuki has long dreamed about becoming someone with influence in the world through diverse mediums such as art or music. She took up cooking classes at age 15 so that one day she could become a chef – but after making experimental dishes out of staples like grapefruit-flavored rice cakes and chocolate cookies stuffed with bananas & cream cheese, Mizuki realized there’d never be anything more satisfying than sharing these creations on social media where people from all over were waiting patiently for new recipes every week.



Ryuji is a Japanese food blogger who runs the site Ryuji’s Food Labo. His blog serves as an online encyclopedia of all things edible and has over two hundred recipes on it, ranging from traditional dishes to fusion creations that take cues from other cuisines such as Korean or Mexican. 

On his website, you can find everything about ingredients, cooking techniques, tools like woks for example but also cultural content like short videos featuring interviews with different chefs in Japan making their favorite dish at home! He even recently published a cookbook called “Japanese Soul Cooking: 50 Classic Recipes” which acts not only as a great reference guide when looking for new ideas but also features some beautiful pictures alongside each recipe so people know what they’re going after!

With a background in molecular gastronomy, Ryujia’s blog is not only an informative source for Japanese cuisine but also teaches cooks how to create variations of traditional dishes.



A Japanese food blogger is a special type of person, one who is passionate about cuisine and culture. This passion has led them to share their knowledge with others around the world through blogging. The latter not only reveals some hidden gems in Japan but also provides insights into an interesting way of life that most people will never experience first-hand.

So these were the top 10 notable Japanese food bloggers who had made it their mission to share recipes from Japan. I’ve done my research and pointed out their specifications and the most unique aspects of their background. 

Instead of being just another fish in the sea, they choose to make sushi out of it.