Mizuki is the Japanese food blogger that showcases her skills and knowledge of cooking diverse traditional dishes from all over Japan. Her blog posts are filled with mouth-watering images that will make you crave a taste!


Mizuki_31cafe started blogging in 2009 after working for years as an accountant for one of Tokyo’s largest companies. This experience gave Mizuki access to some fantastic recipes which were passed along by coworkers who had traveled around different parts of Asia collecting these culinary gems. The delicate tastes can be seen on each dish she shares – whether it was made at home or during travels abroad (she presently works full time as well).


Mizuki has long dreamed about becoming someone with influence in the world through diverse mediums such as art or music. She took up cooking classes at age 15 so that one day she could become a chef – but after making experimental dishes out of staples like grapefruit-flavored rice cakes and chocolate cookies stuffed with bananas & cream cheese, Mizuki realized there’d never be anything more satisfying than sharing these creations on social media where people from all over were waiting patiently for new recipes every week.

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