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Spanish Youtubers: the Most Popular Channels and Videos

Spanish is considered one of the most romantic languages in the world. If you’re planning a trip to Spain or just want to brush up on your Spanish skills, why not learn from some of the best Spanish YouTubers out there? Spanish bloggers have a wide range of content, from comedy to music to vlogs, and there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for some great Spanish channels to subscribe to, we have all the information that you’d require. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Spanish speaker, these channels will help you improve your language skills. So grab your glass and popcorn and get ready to learn Spanish with some of the best influencers in Spain.

Joanna Hausmann

Niche: Writer, Comedian

Brands they’ve worked with: HBO, The Huffington Post

Facts about Joanna Hausmann:

Joanna was born on 20 March 1989.

She was raised in England and later relocated to Venezuela, US.

Personal Life:

Joanna Hausmann is one of the most impeccable Spanish influencers who was designated the show’s “unlikely science star” by Inverse Magazine. Hausmann is a correspondent on the three-season Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves The World.” She will also appear in the upcoming CBS animated series “Harper House” as a cast member. 

As of now, she is serving as head writer for the upcoming comedy series “Hamster and Gretel” on Disney Channel. In addition to the big screen and entertainment, she teaches as an adjunct at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Earnings: The net worth of Joanna Hausmann is not yet known to the public.


Jenny Lorenzo

Niche: Actor, Writer

Brands they’ve worked with: We are Mitu, BuzzFeed, Amazon, Netflix

Facts about Jenny Lorenzo:

Jenny was born and brought up in Miami.

She is a Cuban-American travel and lifestyle YouTuber.

Personal Life: 

Along with her relevant, Latino-focused material seen via the funny and nostalgic lens, Jenny became a viral success because of her adored Abuela persona. Lorenzo took part in the Women in Comedy program at YouTube Space LA in 2017. Out of 12 ladies, she was picked for the program and managed to ace it.

She earned a Theater-Arts degree from Miami-Dade College before pursuing two majors at the University of Miami. Later, she worked there as the show’s lead writer for Off the Wire, their award-winning collegiate comedy program. A few years later, she relocated to Los Angeles to launch her acting and content creation careers.

Earnings: Jenny’s estimated net worth ranges between $1 to $5 million.


Ami Rodriguez

Niche: Rapper, singer, author


Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Ami Rodriguez:

Ami’s full name is Ami Rodríguez Pascagaza.

He was born and brought up in Bogota, Columbia.

Personal Life:

Ami is a film and television student who is most known for being one of the most humorous Spanish YouTubers. More than 12 million people have subscribed to his primary channel, while 200,000 people have joined his side vlog channel, Go Ami Go! Furthermore, he has over 11 million admirers on TikTok.

Rodrguez took part in a tour for the Latin American series Soy Luna in 2017. In 2018, Rodriguez and Sofa Castro collaborated on the song “Mor,” which was published. In the same year, Rodriguez received an invitation to YouTube Rewind 2018, which highlights the most significant occasions that year.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Ami is $1 million.



Niche: Gaming, Comedy

Brands they’ve worked with: McDonalds, Pepsi

Facts about Elrubius:

The person behind the pseudonym Elrubius is Rubén Doblas Gundersen.

He was born and brought up in Mijas, Spain.

Personal Life:

El Rubius, the 2016 YouTuber of the Year, has a whopping 22 million subscribers to his channel, making him the ninth most subscribed YouTuber. Playthroughs, vlogs, tours, challenges, question-and-answer sessions, and sketch comics are all part of his “ElRubiusOMG” channel. Together with Miguel Angel, they have transcended national boundaries to attract subscribers from all over the world in addition to Spanish-speaking viewers. 

Thanks to owning the best Spanish YouTube channels, his videos have received over 5 billion views. Because of his rising fame on YouTube, he is a sensation on other social networks as well, with 5 million followers on Instagram.

Earnings: Being one of the most talented Spanish YouTubers, Rubius has amassed a net worth of $7 million.


Hola soy German

Niche: Comedy

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Hola Soy German:

The man behind the YouTube channel Hola Soy German is Germán Garmendia.

Germán was born on 25 April 1990 in Copiapo, Chile.

Personal Life:

Germán was just three years old when his father passed away, so he spent his life living apart from his older brother, Diego, in Los Vilos. Since he was particularly interested in music, he and his brother Diego started the band Zudex when he was just 13 years old. 

As of now, he has the second most subscribed channel on YouTube, with over 31 million subscribers. He became the first YouTuber to obtain two Diamond Play Buttons, which are given for exceeding 10 million subscribers, proving that he is one of the most popular Spanish YouTubers.

Earnings: Germán has an estimated net worth of $9 million.



Niche: Football

Brands they’ve worked with: LATAM

Facts about Werevertumorro:

Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez is the man who’s better known by his pseudonym Werevertumorro.

He was born and brought up in Mexico City.

Personal Life:

Gabriel Montiel makes a living as a social media star. He primarily posts vlogs and gameplays on his YouTube account. He was also a former football player who played defensive midfield for Murciélagos. From 2007 through 2019, Gabriel belonged to the YouTube group “w2mcrew.”

Gabriel is renowned for his two well-liked “Mexmen” and “Adultescents” Spanish-language YouTube series. He was the first vlogger from Mexico to have more than a million followers and 100 million viewers. It’s amazing that he currently has 16 million subscribers. Additionally, Gabriel and his fiancee run the “AtuLado Mejor” channel together.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Gabriel ranges from $1 to $5 million.



Niche: Comedy, Lifestyle

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Caelike:

The birth name of Caelike is Patricia Caeli Santaolalla López.

She was born and raised in Mexico.

Personal Life:

Caeli began her career in communication at an early age, making her first appearances on the school radio. After some time, she entered the acting industry by appearing as an extra in SKIMO. She completed her career as an interpreter and translator around the same time, earning the title “Teacher” in the process.

She has worked as a host for a number of Mexican television networks, most notably Televisa’s La Voz Kids 3. Presently she is focusing on her YouTube channel as she’s acclaimed to be one of the best Spanish YouTube. Most recently, she shifted her content from comedy to makeup tutorials that are bringing in great results.

Earnings: Caeli’s estimated net worth is $1 million.


Mis Pastelitos

Niche: Baking, Cooking

Brands they’ve worked with: Nestle, Hershey’s

Facts about Mis Pastelitos:

The real name of Mis Pastelitos is Griselda Verduzco Gámez.

She was born and brought up in Mexico.

Personal Life:

Mexican YouTuber Mis Pastelitos is well-known for her self-titled YouTube channel, where she uploads recipes. She has 13 million subscribers and devotes herself to vlogs, cuisine, and challenges. In 2014, she posted her debut video online. The video demonstrated how to build a buttercream-iced rainbow petal cake in this video. 

Her channel features a wide range of content, including vlogs, challenges, cooking lessons, and slime. Furthermore, she frequently works together with her present spouse, Ella Tweecharly. Coming to her private life, she made the announcement that she was expecting a baby girl in August of the year 2021.

Earnings: Griselda has a whopping net worth that is estimated to be around $6 million.


While there are many Spanish-language YouTubers out there, the ones we’ve listed here offer a great mix of content and entertainment that is sure to keep you hooked. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. Are there any other Spanish YouTubers that you would add to this list?