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NYC Influencers That Are Surefire To Amaze You!

New York is one of the most happening cities on the planet. Every year, the Big Apple hosts thousands of events like art exhibitions, food expos, comic con, fashion weeks, auto expos, and whatnot.

These events are the perfect hotspots for influencers to interact and socialize with the leaders, brands, and celebrities of the world. Not just the NYC influencers, but the influencers from all over the world deviate towards New York to attend these events.

The core motive of influencers behind visiting these highly glorified events is to bag some big breaks and better opportunities for themselves. If you are planning to be an influencer or just interested in knowing about some of the best NYC influencers, we have crafted a comprehensive list for you.

The list has influencers of all niches, so there is no need to worry. We have something for everybody!

Top 15 NYC Influencers You Will Be Glad To Know About!

It can be tough to find an idol if you want to be an influencer but don’t take the stress. Discover some of the best yet not that popular New York based influencers here!

Ted Sutherland

Niche: Actor, Model, Television Personality, Social Media Influencer.

Brands he’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about him:

Ted Sutherland was born on March 16, 1996, in the United States.

His Zodiac is Pisces, and he follows Christianity.

There are over 280k followers on his Instagram account.

Personal Life: Ted Sutherland is one of those NYC influencers who has worked on many of the best on-screen projects. Since childhood, he has been involved in acting and performing in theatres. He successfully completed his training at a local area personal college.

As he is a handsome man, he has a crush on various girls out there, but this young man was in a relationship with Katherine Reis. They started dating in 2017.

Ted Sutherland, being an actor and one of the coolest New York influencers, has been a part of various big-screen projects, such as Fear Street, Alan Smithee, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Fading Gigolo, Doom Patrol, etc.

Net worth: $4 million – $6 million


Alva Jay

Niche: Fashion, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Fashion Nova, Dolls Kill, Teami Blends, and HeySilkySkin

Facts about her:

Alva Jay was born on May 19, 1993, in the United States.

Her sun sign is Taurus.

She is of the White Caucasian Descent

Personal Life: What makes her one of the best New York Influencers is her versatility. Alva Jay is primarily recognized over the internet via her hot and sizzling picture content. The social media star and Youtuber is 29 years old, and her pictures are not the only popular content pieces. She is one of the top NYC influencers because she also shares valuable and helpful weight loss, health, and lifestyle vlogs.

She started her Youtube channel in 2013 and posted her first video titled Random Makeup. Her nickname on Youtube is candyjellyeyes.

Net worth: $500,000


Caroline Arapoglou

Niche: Actress, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her:

She was born on January 15, 1991, in the United States.

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

She is well-known for her role as Rose in the Netflix Series Outer Banks.

Personal Life: Caroline grew up taking dance classes and learning ballet. While she was in the process of learning ballet, the storytelling aspect of ballet moved her, due to which she deviated toward acting. When she went into acting, she became a part of various high-end projects. Some of them would be well known to you, such as the third season of Stranger Things, Love Takes Flight, Atlanta, and Sleepy Hollow.

Caroline married Nick Arapoglou in 2015 after they got engaged in 2014. All these aspects make her one of the renowned New York based influencers.

Net worth: $1.2 million


Biannca Prince

Niche: Youtuber, Model, Music Artist, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Fashion Nova

Facts about her:

She was born on March 6, 1997, in the United States.

Her Zodiac sign is Leo.

Biannca Prince has been married to Damien Prince since 2017.

Personal Life: Her career didn’t start that good and not that bad. In the beginning, she worked for 3-4 years in a restaurant named Little Caesars Pizza located in Texas. After this, she went on to start her Youtube channel in 2016, which she named D&B Nation. She posted funny videos, prank videos, and vlogs on her channel.

On the other hand, she is also inclined toward modeling. Many brands, including Fashion Nova, signed her to promote their products on social media sites. She is also interested in singing and has launched her own music.

Net worth: $18 million


Xenia Adonts

Niche: Model, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Star


Brands she’s worked with: Not Available


Facts about her:

Xenia was born on January 27, 1992, in Germany.

She is currently 29 years old and loves pets.

Her sun sign is Aquarius, and she has 2.7 million followers on Instagram.


Personal Life: Xenia Adonts has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance. She has around 1.3 million followers on Instagram, which makes her a social media phenomenon. On top of this, she also has an official blog named XeniaOverdose, where she posts her experiences about lifestyle and travel. She is super active on Instagram and keeps posting stylish images on a regular basis.


Net worth: $6.88 million



Sophia Roe

Niche: Chef, Wellness Advocate, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Target, UberEats, Nike, Ralph Lauren, and more.

Facts about her:

The brilliant Stylist was born on November 5, 1996.

Her sun sign is Scorpio, and she is currently 25 years old.

She did her initial studies at a local school in America.

Sophie Roe has 3 sisters.

Personal Life: Her career started a bit late in her life as she was affected by some childhood incidents. She began by sharing some delicious dishes and their respective recipes on social media. After beginning her career in cooking, she rose to fame after featuring in a show with Selena Gomez. Taking inspiration from this, Sophie produced and hosted her own cooking show, Counter Space. She was also a proud nominee for the Daytime Emmy Awards, which makes her one of the top NYC influencers.

Net worth: $100,000 to $1 million


Leomie Anderson

Niche: Model, Magazine Editor, Runway Designer

Brands she’s worked with: Tom Ford, Moschino, Chloé, Fenty Puma, Yeezy, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Facts about her:

Leomie Anderson was born on February 15, 1993.

Her sun sign is Aquarius, and she is of British Nationality.

She has one sibling named Leon Anderson.

She is currently dating Lancy Faux, who is a rapper.

Personal Life: From a very early age, Leomie Anderson had a clear idea about what she was destined for. So, when she was 14, she began her career as a model. She was bullied by her classmates because she had a thin body which led her to stand against racism in the world.

Her activities against racism serve as an inspiration for many black women out there. She has made countless appearances in various events and shows, such as The Model Agency, Topshop, and Maschino campaigns.

She has walked for Victoria’s Secret and has also received the honor of Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2019.

Net worth: $1.5 million


Pernille Teisbaek

Niche: Stylist, Blogger, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Vogue US, Net-A-Porter, H&M, and The Row.

Facts about her:

Pernille is a famous blogger who was born on May 5, 1984.

Times magazine named her the queen of Scandi style.

Her sun sign is Taurus, and she showed her support for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Personal Life: Pernille Teisbaek is one of the most successful NYC bloggers and stylists on Instagram. As of now, she has a whopping 987,000 followers on Instagram and 400,000 followers on TikTok. She usually posts images and short videos on both networks to garner followers and extend her reach. Pernille is also the creative director and co-founder of Social Zoo Direct.

Net worth: $2 Million – $4 Million


Sophie Hall

Niche: Model, Fashion, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Fashion Nova, Byte, Nova Men, YNG, and others.

Facts about her:

The fashion model with a curvaceous body was born on December 4, 1989.

Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she is 32 years old.

She has one sister, Abigail Hall-James, who is also a model.

Personal Life: Sophie was born and raised in England. Though she had a curvaceous body from the beginning, she never considered modeling until her friends motivated her to. She created her Instagram and began modeling in 2018. She started by sharing her sizzling fashion and lifestyle photos on the social network. These attractive photos garnered her millions of followers on Instagram and made her one of the most popular models on the web.

Net worth: $1 million – $3.5 million


Bouba Savage

Niche: Rapper, Social Media Influencer

Brands he’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about him: 

The young artist Bouba was born on October 17, 2006, in Guinea and moved to the USA when he was 8.

His sun sign is Libra, and his birth flower is Calendula or Marigold.

He possesses the citizenship of both Guinea and the USA.

Personal Life: The 16-year-old (currently) rapper was nurtured very well by his parents when he was a kid. He always had a zeal for music, and his efforts received the fruit when he started recording his songs at the age of 12 years. His single Ima Savage was highly appreciated by the audience, which led him to record some more hits like Blue Cheese, Amazing, and Bust It Down. His Instagram account, Bouba Savage, has bagged over 390,000 followers.

Net worth: $500,000 to $1 million


Rayna Greenberg

Niche: Blogger, Photographer, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her:

Rayna Greenberg is 36 years old currently, and she was born on June 17, 1985.

Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and her birth flower is Rose & Honeysuckle.

She has been listed among the most famous people born on June 17.

Personal Life: Rayna Greenberg is one of those NYC bloggers that have swiftly taken the internet by storm. Before rising to fame and becoming one of the richest bloggers born in the United States, she worked in restaurants for decades and was also a part of a culinary school.

Further, she founded a food website named One Hungry Jew. She has over 350,000 Instagram followers, all thanks to the food and lifestyle pictures that she shares on it. Rayna keeps her dating life private.

Net worth: $100,000 to $1 million


Lani Blair

Niche: Model, Blogger, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Not available

Facts about her:

Lani Blair was born on June 6, 1989, in the Bronx, New York.

She has over 900k followers on her private Instagram account.

Her Zodiac sign is Leo.

Personal Life: The highly glorified model came to light when she was found kissing an NBA player Tristan Thompson in a video. She is a former bartender who has worked in the US and has also been a strip club worker. So far, she has managed to keep her private family and love life hidden from the eyes of the media. However, she has bagged some of the best assignments that have pushed her net worth to millions.

Net worth: $1 Million – $5 Million


Kylie Shea

Niche: Classical Ballet, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Not available

Facts about her:

Kylie Shea was born on May 6th, 1986, in the USA.

Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Kylie is currently single and is not previously engaged.

Personal Life: Kylie Shea has been in the limelight because of her stunning classical ballet dance moves. She began her training as a ballet dancer when she was 8 years old. After developing and brushing up on her skills, she became a member of her high school dance team, after which she served as the captain of the team in her junior and senior years. She became an Instagram sensation when she made the viral Pointe Chronicles short video series in 2016.

Net worth: $5 million


Madeline Damskey

Niche: Fashion, Dance, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: BondiBoost, Princess Polly Boutique, and WOW Skin Science.

Facts about her:

Madeline was born on September 7, 1996, in Baltimore, United States.

She has a younger sister whose name is Jill Damskey.

She has been in a relationship with a Youtube star, Darius Dobre, since 2019.

Personal Life: Madeline began her Instagram journey in 2012, and since then, she has been active. She posts pictures with her friends and family. You can also find pictures and videos of her dance. She started her Youtube channel in 2020 but posted only a few videos. Her Instagram handle has 494k followers, while her Youtube account has 3.2K subscribers.

Net worth: $300,000


Renell Medrano

Niche: Fashion Photography, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Self-Portrait

Facts about her:

The talented fashion photographer was born on August 2, 1992, in the United States.

She founded her solo creative agency Ice Studios, and is also known for an untitled Youth Project.

She is currently single and has Leo as her Zodiac sign.

Personal Life: The 29-year-old saw a zeal for photography when her parents got her a DSLR at the age of 15. She used to shoot pictures of her mother around the house. From there, she began and shot her first film in her freshman year, followed by expanding her skills by working with renowned artists like Justine Skye, A$AP Ferg, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Net worth: $1 Million – $3 Million


As we have gone through the list, you would have discovered a lot about the top NYC influencers. You might know some of them, and you may not. The key thing to comprehend here is that being an influencer is not easy. There are more than countless aspects that the influencers need to take care of before posting anything on Instagram and other social media handles.

They need to make the content in a way that is acceptable. If you find anything inappropriate, it is best to take that thing mindfully. Let’s not be rash in making a decision or making an opinion. Everyone has their own. Let’s be grateful and civil to these New York based influencers. If you want to be one of them, make them your idol and learn from them.

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