Ryuji is a Japanese food blogger who runs the site Ryuji’s Food Labo. His blog serves as an online encyclopedia of all things edible and has over two hundred recipes on it, ranging from traditional dishes to fusion creations that take cues from other cuisines such as Korean or Mexican. 


On his website, you can find everything about ingredients, cooking techniques, tools like woks for example but also cultural content like short videos featuring interviews with different chefs in Japan making their favorite dish at home! He even recently published a cookbook called “Japanese Soul Cooking: 50 Classic Recipes” which acts not only as great reference guide when looking for new ideas but also features some beautiful pictures alongside each recipe so people know what they’re going after!


With a background in molecular gastronomy, Ryujia’s blog is not only an informative source for Japanese cuisine but also teaches cooks how to create variations of traditional dishes.

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