Kristen Hancher



Kristen Hancher is indubitably a rising star whose earlier life is nothing more than a medical miracle. Having Scoliosis growing up, she required a surgery to straighten her crooked spine. One of her lungs had to be deflated to get hold of her bent backbone. Kristen had to undergo spinal fusion to rid herself of a curved posture. There was no end to her problems even after she made it to the top. Many called her out for animal abuse after she posted her picture of riding a horse in the water. Her Tik Tok got banned for a caption that mentioned her promoting her YouFan accounts.


Kristen rose up stronger after her successful surgery and gained self-confidence. She also had a fitting reply to the adverse reaction of her horse riding in the water, which she supported by a report from Buzzfeed News stating that horses are indeed capable of swimming. She showed to her followers that she’s more than a doppelganger of Kylie Jenner. Her uncanny resemblance to her is approved by millions of people. However, Kristen’s individuality sticks out and makes her uniquely admirable. The fact that she was rated as the 11th most followed person on TikTok in 2020  is enough of a nonverbal comeback to her haters.


She posts make-up tutorials on her Youtube Channel, making her followers go crazy about her looks. Her challenges and dare videos are taken a liking to by her fans. She has made videos recreating some of the pictures posted by Kylie Jenner on her Instagram. Her sense of humour has gained humongous popularity over the years. She is well known for the numerous wigs that she wears in all her videos. Her videos pertain to helping women embrace themselves through the power of makeup. 


Kristen began her career from a relatively lesser-known platform, YouNow, where she became famous. Knowing that she had more in store for her future, she tried out Youtube and TikTok. With her gaining ground, Kristen found posting content on these platforms quite gratifying

 Her most viewed TikTok video till date is her lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj’s song “Regret in your tears” with the iconic star accompanying her in the video. With her fashion statement, several high-end brands approach her to promote their products. She has starred in films like Misshaps, Sitting in the ‘80s, Troubled Youth, and many more. Kristen was nominated for Choice Muser at Teen Choice Awards in 2016 and 2017. 

Born in May 1999 Ontario, Canada, to a business person, she is a renowned TikToker and Youtuber. She has a younger brother named Derek. Kristen was a part of Team 10 formed by the famous Youtuber Jake Paul while she dated the influencer Austin Hare. She was also a part of a collective youth channel. She has more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube, with 5.2 million followers on Instagram. She is her own person and has come to be one of the best content creators on TikTok.

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