Avani Gregg


Everyone has probably heard about TikTok.  It is a media platform which is used to create a variety of short videos about comedy, education, dance videos and a lot more. Nowadays 88% of people have this app on their phones.  Moreover, “with the help of this app” people now are taking videos and earning money.


One of the famous TikTokers is Avani Gregg. Her mother is Indian and father is an American.  She started her working career at the age of 14 doing makeup.  Her nickname was “Clown Girl ” and after  gaining 17 million followers Avano and other famous TikTokers grouped together and rented a house. So their group name was ‘’THE HYPE HOUSE”.  The hype house consists of teen TikTokers. First it was created to make a collaboration between the most famous faces in TikTok.  So they live together, they eat together, they collaborate and make TikTok content together. But not all members live there. One of her interviews Avani mentioned that she has a lot of homework to do so “The Hype House” is not a good place for her to stay. But she is coming over.


Now Avani has 35,5 million followers on the TikTok platform. SO she is also an influencer and she earns money. She earns approximately 3000000 $ dollars a year but if we add the profit that she gets from YouTube and also from Instagram it is as much as the profit of millionaires. So now even a 17 years old beautiful girl can earn million dollars by creating content on TikTok.


Now people are going further and further so do technologies. Platforms where people can earn money are also getting better and better.

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