Cole LaBrant


Cole LaBrant was born on August 21,1996 in Troy, Alabama. He was raised in a christian family and considers it as one of the most important things now. On his Instagram bio he wrote “Beware, I follow Jesus”. Cole became popular due to Vine, TikTok and his YouTube channel with his family.


As for now, LaBrant has over 4.9M followers on Instagram. On this platform Cole shares about his life and family, how he spends the time with them and how much he loves his family.


Cole became popular in 2013, due to his Vine channel called “Dem White Boyz” alongside his two friends Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice. The channel hadn’t any purpose of gaining fame but their videos have gone viral and these three boys became famous on social media. However, Cole faced some difficulties according to hackers who deleted a big part of his content, but he could recover it due to his loyal fans.


LaBrant has a TikTok account with over 20.5M followers and 396M likes. Here he posts lots of funny videos with his wife and children, also he likes to share some cute memories, for instance how everything started and how they become a big family.


Cole has a big and happy family with his wife, photographer and single mom Savannah Rose LaBrant. LaBrant proposed to Savannah on January 20,2017, and before asking her, he asked Savannah’s daughter Everleigh. That cute moment you can see here. The couple got married in July. In 2018 their little family filled with their daughter Posie and in 2020 they welcomed their son Zealand


Cole and Savannah have had their family’s YouTube channel since 2016. Here you can see many different videos like their little funny journeys, matching tattoos, their wedding, pregnancy and so much more. You can check all the videos by clicking here The LaBrant Fam .


In addition to their work on social media, Cole and Savannah LaBrant wrote a book titled “Cole and Sav: Our surprising love story”. The book is about their story and the lessons they learned during their united life.

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