Aspyn Ovard

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Aspyn Ovard Ferris’ Instagram account does not hold too far back from her YouTube channel with 2.2M followers. Her fashion sense was even the inspiration behind Luca + Grae online store’s creative choices. Wanna be hit with another fun fact? Hopefully you said yes, cause here it goes. Aspyn Ovard is also an actress – she’s been recognized for AwesomenessTV, Royal Rush and Accidentally Exercising (not even sure if I wanna ask about this title… rather not). They’re all TV shows by the way. Oh and also, apparently Aspyn and Parker had their own mini-series in 2019.

Before becoming a media persona, Aspyn was a cheerleader. She always liked traveling. Whenever she would get the chance she would travel to wherever. She literally has a shirt that reads: I want a ticket to anywhere. She has a very sweet, chill but at the same time engaging personality and vibe which is one of the many reasons why it’s simply a pleasure to watch her. Aspyn started out her YouTube channel as a beauty and fashion guru. She started diversifying later on when her channel kept growing. Now she still does beauty tutorials, but she also has things like DIY and ‘outfit of the week’ videos.

Aspyn has a younger sister Avrey Ovard, who decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps of being a video content creator and media personality. In 2015, the YouTuber and influencer married Parker Ferris, who was also a YouTuber with 279K subscribers as of 2021.

The cute little bundle of joy Cove joined the team in October 2019. But whether there is a kid on the way, about to be here or already here, Aspyn still manages to balance her life probably because she’s very self-disciplined and a planner. She must have great time management skills. Aspyn Ovard Ferris’ content, whether it’s in her blogs, vlogs, YouTube channel or on Instagram, always seem to be attention-grabbing even though they’re not necessarily eye-opening. You know what I mean? It’s her creative approach, interesting personality and the ability to understand her audience that makes it all work so well and flow so smoothly.

This new but already very successful blogger + vlogger  Mom has really made sure that Aspyn Ovard is a well-known and recognized name among the Mom influencers. Really made a name for yourself – proud of you Ferris. Keep it up gal, and make sure to continue to make us smile.

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