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If you’re thinking – a popular Instagram Mom influencer who manages to not make everything about herself but still create engaging content that many Moms relate to, and you have Rachel from Darling Children in mind… then… ding ding ding. You’re absolutely right. 


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She has over 160k followers on Instagram. Her page is simply an abundance of adorableness where we occasionally get to see her too. Otherwise, Darling Children’s social media is dominated by Lailah, Zaylee and Finley. Rachel documents their lives from the stage of pregnancy up to the everyday adventures of the kids and her thoughts/ideas on it all.

Unlike many influencer moms today, her center of focus is not herself but her 3 beautiful babies. Well as she once said, she has zero babies already. But all three of them are the sweetest little things: Lailah, Zaylee and Finley. 

Lailah is the oldest and Rachel shares that she’s the one who made her a mother and opened up a whole new chapter in her life. She is the one that looks like Rachel the most. Lailah is loving, sensitive, beautiful, caring and strong-willed. She seems like the sweetest older sister to Zaylee and Finley. 

It seems like the kid that took most after their Dad is Zaylee. Whether it’s a baby picture of her or as the middle child of the Darling Children, her smile is infectious everywhere. 

Last but not definitely not least, we got the youngest of the Darling Children – Finley the little fighter. The little cutie got injured real bad recently when they were t-boned at speed by a distracted driver who thought replying to a text is far more important than making sure nobody gets hurt because of their irresponsible driving. Thankfully, Fin, the little fighter, is almost fully recovered, ready to fight for so much more in life that he’s yet to learn about.

Rachel makes sure to share snippets of her experiences with the kids here and there. She talks about how sometimes she does not necessarily have to make the kids pose for the pictures because she manages to capture organic moments right then and there. But since mostly there’s quite a little bit of prep (for example: picking out and wearing the cute colorful outfits that just creates the overall mood of Darling Children’s Insta page) – the Instagram Mom admits to having to recognize their good behavior by treating them with a trip to the zoo or something like that. Well… looks like the Darling Children are growing up after all. They’re already getting a sense of the influencer world. Who knows maybe they will take after their influencer mom?

Whatever they decide – following in the footsteps of their mother Rachel of becoming a successful influencer or having had enough of their lives portrayed for everyone to see and choosing a less demonstrative lifestyle/career like their father (who’s only seen a couple of times on Darling Children)… one thing is for sure – we’re gonna enjoy their online presence and be entertained by it as long as they’ll be there. Rachel couldn’t have picked a more fitting name – they are true darlings.

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