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Joanna is the proud mom of some amazing boys. She shares useful content about women’s health and motherhood and runs an inspiring mom blog. There she discusses style, design, food, travel, relationship, and of course, motherhood.
Fun fact: Joanna Goddard has a twin sister. They grew up in the suburbs of Michigan mostly, but they also lived in England and France. After the Mom influencer graduated from high school, she decided to move to New York where she made the first steps towards her career. She was working as part of the editorial team at Cosmopolitan and in the evenings as well as on the weekends she taught LSAT.


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One way or another, writing has always been a key element in Joanna’s career. She continued working with women’s magazines for years. And after three years, Goddard became the editor-in-chief of Bene, which was actually a big deal because it was an award-winning magazine about Italian style and life. Eventually, she ended up leaving Bene and started collaborating with and writing for magazines like Glamour and New York. The Mom blogger also has the experience of working with and blogging for Martha Stewart Living and Conde Nast Traveler.

Just like many other Mom influencers, Joanna started blogging as this side thing thinking it would only work in the scopes of a hobby. However, a couple of years later, Cup of Jo grew and became so big that Goddard could quit her job and make this her full-time priority. Cup of Jo even has a team of writers now to help manage the content and stay on top of things. A wide range of topics and deeply engaged readership are signs that Mama Joanna is doing great and it’s only gonna get better. The organization donates percentages from their profits to support various causes and organizations like RAICES, NAACP, Save the Children, Greenpeace, Room to Grow, and The Florence Project.

Joanna Goddard has been named in the Top 10 of the Most Influential Parent Bloggers, as well as Top 10 Lifestyle Bloggers for Women by Forbes. Her thoughtful and inclusive parenting voice is apparent in all of her works and that’s what makes her experiences so relatable and her general advice so practical and applicable. She tells it like it is and that attracts new readers and keeps the old ones loyal.

Cup of Jo is divided into sections, one of which is SHOP where so far you can only find cute key tags with messages like ‘Babies be babies. The thing that’s interesting and appealing about Goddard’s blog is the way she chooses to use her power as a Mom influencer. Yeah, she talks about Mom stuff but she talks about so many other things that are relevant and provides a very personalized insight or tips on them. For example, she very openly and honestly discusses topics like self-reflection, mindset shift, relationships, race, design, sex, career, political as well as social movements. The great thing about Joanna’s content is that you don’t necessarily have to be into Mom stuff to find yourself deeply involved and reading article after article.

The loving couple, Joanna and Alex, live in Brooklyn with their cute boys Toby and Anton. Follow Joanna Goddard and get involved in all of the amazing stuff she shares.

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