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Jenn Im is a Korean American style vlogger and designer. Her business as a fashion blogger has been very successful thanks to her passion for designing clothes that reflect what people want, which can be based on their own personal values or lifestyle preferences. The YouTube channel she runs offers such an outlet with many different types of content geared towards teens, young adults who are still figuring themselves out in this world while also giving them advice from someone else going through similar experiences!


With over 3 million supporters on her YouTube channel, Jenn Im is no stranger to the camera. The popular vlogger started making videos in 2010, and by now, she’d managed to gain an incredible following with people from all around the globe.


In 2010 Im partnered up with her friend Sarah Chu and together, they started the YouTube channel called ClothesEncounters while living in Los Angeles. They recorded videos of moderate style, which quickly became popular with their fanbase as it snowballed. However, after a while or so together, they went on different paths–Im moved away for school, which resulted in Chu leaving ClothesEncounters. Even though the two friends weren’t together now, Im continued making videos for the channel, which kept on growing.


She recorded a lot of beauty and lifestyle videos that she would upload to the channel. These clips quickly became popular, as fans loved watching them learn about make-up tips or listen in on her daily routines for inspiration. Her success grew exponentially when these recordings were added into the mix with more traditional design tutorials – it really captured everything!


As a well-known social media personality, Jenn has worked with many high fashion and design brands. She’s collaborated on everything from Calvin Klein ads to Levi’s jeans commercials! Magazine editors around the world have sought out her expertise for years because she greatly affects her crowd – which makes perfect sense considering who they are targeting in their magazine advertisements or online content creation. 


Jenn Im is not one to shy away from creative challenges, which is why she created her very own lip and eye items line. So she partnered up with “Colourpop” under the name Jenn Ne Sais Quoi!


In August 2017, Jenn launched a clothing line called Eggie. The name is the Korean word for “child” and references her status as the youngest member in her family tree, which she says has been challenging at times but also rewarding with new opportunities due to this hardship. For those looking to dress like an icon or want advice about what items may suit their taste better, they can find it here!

A few assortments are released each year that offer different styles depending on preferences while still keeping up tradition. Im also likes mixing different cultural influences into her garments.


On 17 August 2018, Im married a former member of the British elective musical gang Young Guns. The couple lives in Los Angeles, and he regularly appears on her Instagram posts with YouTube videos where Im shares some more insights into her relationship. Currently, the young couple is expecting a child together.

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