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If you wanna find out how to keep mamahood, as the Mom blogger Lauren Webb puts it chic, alive and entertaining, full of family fun,while managing to include fashion and beauty into it – then you better follow her. 

As her Instagram page of 377K followers suggests, she doesn’t mind being called Lolo or simply Lo. Lauren Webb is married to her best friend Jason Webb, and together they have three adorable children – Sav, Hunt and baby Summer. From what it seems like from his Instagram account, Jason is actually a rising Dad influencer. With only 12K followers on Instagram, he might have a lot to learn from his successful Mom influencer wife Lauren. Keep it up Jason. 

Lauren Webb maintains a family lifestyle blog where she shares her life stories, insights and tips on fashion and healthy eating, as well as home decor tips and memorable family events of the Webb squad. 

The couple got married in 2011 and moved to their dream home on a dirt road not long after. They live their dream ranch life in CA. Both Lauren and Jason love animals, as you could’ve guessed. Can you guess how many chickens they have? They literally have two horses, three donkeys, a Brahma bull (aha… bull… yup… you read that right) and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. You think it’s over don’t you? Nope. Count 10 more chickens in. Now it’s done. Big-ass family huh? But one of Lauren’s goals with the family blog is to be able to relate and connect to Moms from all over the place regardless of their lifestyle because according to her they have one very major thing in common – they’re all Moms.

Lauren is also an Instagram model. She has also recently been very active on TikTok with her family. She shares great daily content about her family. When looking through her account you’ll find many beautiful photos of her kids. Her overall Instagram feed is visually appealing. 

The family definitely loves to dress up especially into different sorts of costumes whether it’s Halloween or not. The Webb fam will find or even create an opportunity and an adventure where they gotta dress up. Lolo has a lot of creative illustrations of her and Sav in matching outfits for various occasions or just for the fun of it. Her followers got to see her pregnancy journey of baby Summer. Lo even posted a dancing video of her when she was due in a week. Both Jason and the kids come in and they all start dancing together. It’s very sweet. Wait til the little bundle of joy joins in.

Lolo likes to continuously remind her followers how important mamahood is and regardless of all the ups and downs, it’s an amazing journey and something that should be cherished daily even on one of the hardest, most annoying days because time flies. Lauren always tries to match her kids’ clothes—absolutely charming! You can “steal” many fun ideas of how to take nice photos with your kids from her IG account.

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