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Hind Deer was born on June 10, 1991 (age 30) in the United Arab Emirates. Born in Iraq, she would later reside in Ohio.

 She is a famous celebrity video star who has over 500K followers across social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube.Her zodiac sign is Gemini.


Hind Deer is a social media and video creation superstar who is most well known for her YouTube channel, which features content about life with the hopes that you’ll learn something as she shares tips on how to make everything from DIYs, crafts projects, or just general knowledge more interesting. Her witty sense of humor makes it easy to watch videos even if one doesn’t have any experience in these areas. With over 2 million subscribers across all channels, there are plenty of people eager to watch what this girl is going to do next.


She’s always been a creative person, but it was only after joining YouTube on 1 of October in 2011 that she found her true calling. A passion for making videos led to the creation and launch of an online channel that now has quite a lot of subscribers.


In order to be successful, you need more than just a great product or service. You also have to get people excited about what you are offering and that’s where social media comes in. With over 550k Instagram followers and an Editor Choice distinction on YouNow, where she has 160K followers, for her efforts with amazing videos; this influencer has truly mastered the art of being captivating online.


Hind has been a blogger for years and is always finding new ways to share her creativity with the world. Her main channel, Hind Deer, features videos on topics such as makeup tutorials or DIY crafts but she also creates other channels that focus more closely related content like unboxings from brands that love her subscribers-Hind Unboxing(74,4K followers). The other channel is called Hind Deer Stories(203K followers), where she presents different stories in the form of animations. Some are funny and others portray a deeper meaning to life’s simple joys.


Speaking of her friends, it is important to note that she has a close relationship with fellow YouTuber Safa Srour who is a Syrian Youtuber.


Hind Deer also likes animals and she has a Siamese female cat who was born March 1st, 2019 with her own Instagram account called feirouz.furry where the posts show off different beautiful photos of the cat. Hind Deer loves animals of all shapes and sizes; they give her so much joy.


Her Instagram captions give a sense of her creativity and love for the pastry she makes, in addition to her skills as an artist. She often posts pictures on there from various events where they can see all different kinds of decorating techniques that she uses beautifully to bring out every detail possible.

So if we collect all the data, then Hind Deer has the main YouTube channel -Hind Deer-2,59 million subscribers and over 286 million views, an Instagram account –555K followers, Twitter account –14,5K followers.

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