Danielle Cohn


Danielle Cohn was born on March 7, In Florida. The Exact year of her birth is unknown. 

Danielle and her brother were raised by only their mother who was working hard to provide a good life for her children. 


Cohn first appeared on with lip syncing videos. At first she had an impression that the app was kinda dumb and didn’t tell her mother about her account however she liked making videos and she kept going. After some period of time Danielle passed 10M followers, by the way she was one of the first people who had this much audience on


As for now, Danielle has a TikTok account with over 19M followers. Generally on this platform she posts videos where she dances or lip syncs.


Danielle also has an Instagram account. Her followers reached more than 4.5M. Danielle likes to post photos in different beautiful and colorful bikinis. However she got criticized a lot for her weight and for showing off her body.


Cohn also gets requests for doing sponsored videos. When she got her first request she finally told her mother about her account and the opportunity of earning money and her mother started helping her out. In the future, their family moved to Los Angeles, Danielle’s mom quit her job and became her daughter’s own, full-time manager.


Danielle tried herself in the singing sphere, she has released a number of singles from which are “No Way”, “Hate on the summer” and many others. You can listen to Danielle’s songs in her YouTube account Danielle Cohn.


Danielle Cohn’s dating life has been a topic of interest for many. Everything started since Danielle dated a star Sebastian Topete. As her mother said, they knew each other’s family well and before dating Danielle and Sebastian were friends for one year. Later Danielle dated Mikey Tua. The couple got “married” in Las Vegas, however as Danielle’s mother said “It never become legal”. This young lovers even faked a pregnancy.Late in 2020, Danielle dated Ethan Fair.

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