Valeria Lipovetsky

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If you’re thinking beautiful, fun-loving, creative and artsy Mom who documents her life and ties it all together with her easy-going personality and kinda weird but sweet humor communicated with an obvious but bearable Russian accent.. You’re most probably thinking of Valeria Lipovetsky. 


At only 29 years old Valeria is a mother of three adorable boys. She describes herself as a Holistic Nutritionist, turned Thought-Leader and Content Creator. In short, her channel is about family, self-love and fashion. 


She comes across as someone who’s very outgoing and relatable. And the fact that she’s Russian brings a whole new wave of followers that she most probably wouldn’t have had if she was American. Yes, all sorts of “lines” are very blurred in today’s world but still not enough (and probably never). Because currently, just because she’s Russian – to so many people she automatically becomes more relatable, which then in turn directly influences her success.


Lipovetsky moved to Israel at the age of 2. She started modeling back when she was only 15. Her blossoming modeling career allowed her to travel and live in different parts of the world like New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Paris. At the age of 19, she moved to Canada. Valeria has experience working with well-known brands like Bloomingdales, Forever21, and NastyGal.


She married Gary Lipovetsky, a businessman, in June 2012. The names of their three adorable boys are Benjamin, Jake and Maximus. This beautiful family and the representation of their life is the main focus in Valeria’s YouTube channel.


So what exactly does Valeria share with her 1.4M Instagram followers and 1.5M YouTube subscribers? She’s got makeup-related videos where she talks about the do’s and dont’s as well as shares tricks and tips that she has gained over the years and during her modeling career. Her go-to look is pretty natural and so her content can be useful to a wide variety of people with different styles. Speaking of styles, she has a lot of fashion-related videos where she dresses up into different looks and either does a comparison or talks about trends.


As a certified nutritionist, she goes into quite a bit of detail discussing health tips, sharing her recipes and self-care skin routines. The recipes that she suggests are pretty easy to follow and the skin-care routines she shares are simple as well.


Other than physical and beauty self-care, Valeria finds it important to talk about mental health and self-love. This is where she opens up and shares more personal things and connects with her viewers on another level. In order for her to continue to be inspiring for others, she decided to dedicate a part of her channel to sharing inspiring stories about different women. She wants to use her influence to raise awareness and empower girls and women who need that in their lives. And sometimes the simplest thing like talking to them and documenting the conversation is enough to do the job.


Two of her other attributes to success might very well be her weekly vlogs to keep her audience engaged, as well as her countless reviews of different beauty products. We always have the but-is-she-being-honest-or-is-this-yet-another-facade in the back of our minds. However, she seems pretty genuine and honest. Plus due to her demeanor and communication style, her content regardless of the topic ends up being entertaining yet drama-free. Yes, drama is entertaining – but sometimes you just wanna enjoy watching a little something without finding yourself in a rabbit hole you didn’t even know existed. So Valeria, keep it up, girl.

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